[Long seller in Japan] Chicken Ramen / Only 3 minutes to have delicious noodles


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What is Chicken Ramen

‘Chicken Ra-men’ is very famous food in Japan. Approx 150 million packages of Chicken Ra-men were sold in a year in the market. As TVCF are broadcasted many times, most of Japanese knows this brand. The price is very reasonable, e.g. around JPY 500 per bag (5 packages of noodles in a bag).

Basic knowledge of ‘Chicken Ramen’

  • Famous instant noodles in Japan
  • Orange package is the trademark
  • 150 million packages of sales in a year
  • A lot of TV commercial broadcasted
  • Reasonable price, approx. ¥100 per package


The great innovator, Mr. Momofuku Ando (1910-2007) invented‘Chicken Ra-men as first instant noodle in the world in 1958. This product has very high perfection from original version, with good taste, easy to cook, nob-perishable, etc. Until 2019, more than 5 billions of Chicken Ra-men were sold in the market.

History of ‘Chicken Ramen’

  • Developed by great innovator, Mr. Momofuku Ando
  • 1958 On sales as 1st instant noodles in the world
  • 1987 Bag with 5 packages on sales
  • 1990 Character, Hoyoko chan debut
  • 2003 Putting dent, ‘Tamago pocket’ on product

Product information

‘Chicken Ra-men’ is not a global product. There’re only few countries where this product is released into the markets, USA, China, Hungry, Indonesia, India. As the taste is different in each country, you can eat Japanese taste in Japan only.

More information about ‘Chicken Ramen’

  • Chicken Ramen is sold only in several countries
    • USA, China, Hungry
    • Indonesia, India
  • Taste is different in each country
  • Japanese taste is only in Japan


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


‘Chicken Ramen’ with egg is so good!

What is ‘Chicken Ramen’ in Japan

  • Very famous instant noodles in Japan
  • Started sales in 1958
  • Available in various countries, taste is different in each countries


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Chicken Ramen is very popular food in Japan. Actually, I usually have stocks in my house and often eat it as quick lunch, as I can cook it only 3 minutes. This product is supporting daily life of Japanese people long time.

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