[Long seller in Japan] Cup Noodle / Great Innovation in Japanese food culture

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Cup Noodle’ in Japan

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What is Cup Noodle

quotation source : https://www.cupnoodle.jp

Cup Noodle is very famous instant food in Japan. People eat ‘Ra-Men’ as one of popular noodles in Japan, only with pouring boiled water into the cup. There’s no need to prepare bowl. So we can eat it outside easily, even in the disaster.

Basic knowledge of ‘Cup Noodle’

  • Instant ‘Ra-Men’ as popular noodles in Japan
  • Noodles are in the heat-resistant paper cup
  • Pouring boiled water and just waiting 3 minutes
  • No need to prepare any bowl, to cook it
  • Nice to eat outside
  • Suitable for stocks to prepare the disaster


A great innovator, Mr. Momofuku Ando developed ‘Cup Noodle’ in 1971. He made this product based on his experience stayed in U.S.A, where people don’t have any bowls to eat ‘Ra-Men’ in their life.

quotation source : https://www.nissin.com/jp/about/history/

History of ‘Cup Noodle’ in Japanese market

  • Started sales in 1971 in Japanese market
  • In 1972, ‘Asama Sanso’ riot make product famous
    • broadcasted the scene Policemen ate ‘Cup Noodle in short break in their operation
  • In 1991, sales in Japan archived 8 billion cups
  • In 1995, sales in Japan archived 10 billion cups
  • In 2008, Cup is changed from plastic to eco paper
  • In 2011, ‘Cup Noodle Museum’ opened in Yokohama

Product information

quotation source : https://www.cupnoodle.jp

We can see various kinds of ‘Cup Noodle’ in Japanese market, in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. We can divide it into two types, standard taste and special taste. New products are released almost every year.

‘Cup Noodle’ in Japanese market

  • Standard tastes
    • Original taste (Soy Sauce)
    • Seafood
    • Curry
  • Special tastes in 2020
    • Nori Uma seafood (seaweed+ seafood)
    • Chili Tomato
    • Shio (Salt)
    • Miso
    • European Cheese Curry
    • Tonkotsu (Pork)


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


Hungry ? Please have ‘Cup Noodle’

What is ‘Cup Noodle’ in Japan

  • Instant noodle with heat resistant paper cup
  • Started sales in 1971
  • Various kind, Curry, Seafood, Miso, Salt, Chili tomato, etc


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‘Cup Noodle’ is very popular food all over Japan. Actually, I often eat it in the lunch break in my daily work. We can see funky fresh advertising of ‘Cup Noodle’ sometimes on TV, which is also supported by Japanese people.

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