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I wrote this article to introduce ‘Donbei’, as popular Japanese product and to clear your question about it.

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    • Price
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What is Donbei ?

Donbei is very famous instant noodles in Japan. Noodles are in plastic bowl. So there are no need to prepare bowl to have Donbei.

There are two kind of noodles in Donbei. First one is Soba, and the other is Udon noodle. There’s no ramen in Donbei.

Manufacturer is Nissin Foods, as largest noodle maker in Japan.

Introduction of Donbei
  • Very popular instant noodles in Japan
  • Two kinds of Donbei, Soba noodles and Udon noodles
  • No ramen in Donbei product
  • Manufacturer is Nissin Foods as largest noodle maker in Japan

Deep Diving into Donbei in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Donbei in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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Donbei has more than 40 years of history in Japan.

The producer, Nissin Food started sales of Donbei in 1976. Initial product was Udon noodles. In 3 month later in. Same year, Donbei Soba was released.

In 1981, Donbei curry-Udon, and in 1986, Donbei Niku-Udon were released.

After repeated improvements and releasing various derivative products, and broadcasting many of TV commercial, Donbei got high popularity in Japan.

  • 1976 Started sales of Donbei Udon and Soba
  • 1981 Donbei Curry Udon released
  • 1986 Donbei Niku Udon released
  • More than 40 of derivative products released in total

Reference : donbei webpage

Donbei is available in various places in Japan.

  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Vending Machines (Rare !)

Author’s research in Yokohama city

The price of Donbei is around JPY 180 – 220 (+ Tax).

  • Donbei normal size : Around JPY 180
  • Donbei Large size : Around JPY 220

Author’s research in Yokohama city

There are 3 difference types of Donbei in Japan.

  • Donbei in eastern Japan
  • Donbei in western Japan
  • Donbei in Hokkaido (Northern Japan)

Taste of each products are adjusted to cultural flavoring in each area. There are difference between each products.

  • Soup stocks
  • Spices (Shichimi powder)
  • Fried Tofu (For Udon products)

Reference : donbei webpage


Let’s try to compare by eating !

Donbei is very easy to cook.

  • Product with powdered soup
    • Put powder on the noodle
    • Pouring hot water
    • Waiting (Waiting time indicated in left side of cover)
  • Product with liquid soup
    • Pouring hot water
    • Waiting (Waiting time indicated in left side of cover)
    • Pouring liquid soup
  • Product with Tempura
    • Taking above listed steps first
    • Put Tempura just before eating

Author’s research with reference of Donbei Package


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