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What is ‘Boss’

’Boss’ is one of very famous brand of canned coffee in Japan. We can get ‘Boss’ canned coffee with various channels, vending machines, supermarkets, Kiosks, etc. The man with pipe is the trademark of ‘Boss’ brand. It’s not relative to Hugo boss of apparel.

Basic knowledge of ‘Boss’

  • Famous brand of canned coffee in Japan
  • The man with pipe is the trademark
  • Sold in vending machines, supermarkets, Kiosk, etc
  • Not relative to Hugo boss of apparel
  • JPY 90-130 per can generally

I really like canned coffee, especially ‘Boss’ !!

History of ‘Boss’

Boss was released in 1992. The producer is Suntory as one of major manufacturer of beverage in Japan. Suntory make promotion by advertisement on TV CM, with famous musicians, actors, etc, which is always having high ratio of favorability in Japan.

History of ‘Boss’

  • 1992 The brand was established by Suntory
  • 1992-97 musician, Mr. Eikichi Yazawa on CM
  • 2002 musician, Ms. Ayumi Hamasaki on CM
  • 2005 comedian, Tamori on CM
  • 2006 – actor, Mr. Tommy Lee Johns on CM

TV commercial of ‘Boss’ is broadcasted almost everyday in Japan !

Various Product of ‘Boss’

Suntory released various kind of canned coffee in Japanese market, black coffee, with milk, non-sugar, less sugar, etc. In 2017, new type of Boss, ‘craft boss’ was released, which is in plastic bottle. It’s supported by consumers and sales of boss was increasing.

Various products of ‘Boss ’

  • Canned coffee
    • Black coffee
    • With sugar and milk, less sugar
    • With arginine
  • Craft Boss in plastic bottle
    • With/without milk, sugar
    • Tea
  • Concentrated coffee in plastic bottle

‘Boss’ is very popular brand of coffee in Japan !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Boss’ in Japan

  • Famous brand of canned coffee in Japan
  • Established in 1992
  • Variety of line-up, volume, flavors, sweet level, etc


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We can see Boss products in various locations. So we can get it easily. The taste of canned coffee is special, no similar product outside Japan, as far as I know. So if you have an opportunity, I would like to try it.


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