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‘Energy Drink’ is very popular drink in Japan. Japanese call it as ‘Energy Drink’, or ‘Eiyo Drink’. There is very high popularity in Japanese market.

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What is ‘Energy Drink’ in Japan

Most of Japanese ‘Energy Drinks’ are categorized as ‘Quasi-Drug’ in Japanese regulation, while ‘Red bull’ and ‘Monster Energy’ are categorized as ‘Soft Drinks’.

Most of Energy Drinks are packed in brown glass bottles, whose volume is around 100ml or less.

Ingredients of Energy Drink is different in each products. However, most of products contain caffeine, amino acid, taurine, and vitamins.

Features of Japanese Energy Drinks
  • Categorized as Quasi-Drug
  • Volume : around 100ml or less
  • Package : Glass Bottle
  • Popular ingredients
    • Caffeine
    • Amino acid
    • Taurine
    • Vitamine

When do Japanese have Energy Drinks ?

There are many kinds of ‘Energy drinks’ in Japanese market. According to investigation by research company in Japan, consumers are various, from younger to elder, men and women.

People drink it in various situations, to overcome poor physical conditions, to prepare hard work, to defeat sleepiness, etc.

Situation Japanese having Energy Drink
  • Recovery from fatigue
  • Overcoming slight cold
  • Refreshing
  • Working / Studying
  • Shaking off sleepiness

Sauce : DIMS webpage

Where we can get Energy Drinks in Japan

We can easily get ‘Energy drinks’ at various places, like convenience stores, Kiosks, Drugstores, supermarkets, etc. We don’t need to have prescription of doctor to get ‘Energy Drinks’ in Japan.

On the other hand, it’s very difficult for us to find vending machines to get Energy Drinks. We basically need to go to shops to get this products.

Places we can get Energy Drinks in Japan
  • Convenience stores
  • Drugstores
  • Kiosks
  • Supermarkets

The 4 Best Brands of ‘Energy Drinks’ in Japan

As the market of ‘Energy Drinks’ is very large in Japan, there are many of brands for ‘Energy Drinks. There is very high competition. In this paragraph, I would like to introduce popular brands of ‘Energy Drinks ‘ in Japan.

Lipovitan-D series

Quotation Sauce:Taisho webpage

‘Lipovitan-D’ is a very famous energy drink in Japan. More than 800 millions of bottled ‘Lipovitan-D’ are sold in Japanese market. Japanese call it ‘Lipo-D’ with friendly manner.

There are many types of ‘Lipovitan-D’. Based on content of taurine, caffeine and amount of calories, etc, ‘Lipovitan-D’ are subdivided into various products.

Alinamin series

Quotation Sauce:Alinamin webpage

‘Alinamin’ is also very popular energy drink in Japan. In all of ‘Alinamin’ products, ‘Fursultiamine’ is contained. It’s said that ‘Fursultiamine’ is good to defeat tiredness.

‘Alinamin V’ is mainly supported by office workers. TV commercial is with target to them. ‘Alinamin 7’ is mainly for younger generation, who pay attention to healthcare. So these are low sugar products.

Yunker series

Quotation Sauce:Yunker webpage

’Yunkel’ is also popular energy drink in Japan. ‘Yunkel’ is mainly made from crude drug extract and herbal medicine. This product is based on knowledge of crude drugs, in Japanese, Chinese, Western cultures.

There’s very famous episode that great Japanese baseball player ‘ICHIRO’ who played in Japan & USA, had ‘Yunkel’ before playing the game. He appears on TV commercial of ‘Yunkel’ long time.

Zena series

Quotation Sauce:Taisho webpage

‘Zena’ is famous energy drink in Japan. As well as ‘Yunkel’, ‘Zena’ is made from mainly made from crude drug extract and herbal medicine, which is based on knowledge of various cultures.

The price of ‘Zena’ is more expensive, compare with other products. It’s generally truth that energy drink in the box are expensive and high effect in Japanese market.


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Energy Drinks in Japan
  • Categorized as Quasi-Drug
  • Small size, like 100ml, in glass bottle
  • Available at Convenience stores
  • For improvement of physical condition
  • The Best 4 Brands
    • Lipovitan-D by Taisho
    • Alinamin by Alinamin
    • Yunker by Sato
    • Zena by Taisho

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