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Mineral Water is very popular drink in Japan. Japanese call it as ‘Mineral Water’ or ‘Tennen-Sui’ and there is very high popularity in Japanese market.

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Water situation in Japan

Japan is one of few countries where tap water is safe to drink. So basically, people don’t need to buy bottled water in daily life in Japan. However, in rising of health consciousness, sales of bottled mineral water is increasing year by year.

As Japan is water rich country, we can see various mineral water in the market. And in expansion of the market, there are some mineral water imported to Japan.

  • Japan is water rich country
  • It’s very rate to have water supply restriction in most of part in Japan
  • Tap water is safe to drink in Japan
  • Sales of Bottled water is increasing in rising of health consciousness

Feature of Mineral Water products in Japan

Japanese natural mineral water is basically categorized as soft water. So in Japanese marked, consumer prefer to soft water, compare with hard water.

In Japan, sparkling water is not popular, while sales is increasing little by little recently. Japanese consumers prefer to normal water.

In Japanese market, we can see various Mineral Water products, not only Japanese water, but also imported waters. Japanese consumer sometime have imported waters.

In 2022, sales of plain hot mineral water was started in Japanese market. The market of mineral water is increasing.

Features of Mineral Waters products in Japan
  • Consumers prefer to Soft Water
  • Sparkling water is not popular
  • Imported water is available
  • Plain hot mineral water is available

Plain hot water is called as ‘Sayu’ in Japan !

The 3 Best Japanese Mineral Water Brands

As Japan is water rich country, there are so many source of water, and many brands of bottled mineral water in Japan. Some products are only for local market, and some others are for all over Japan.

In this paragraph, I would like to introduce very popular Japanese mineral water brand well known all over Japan. We can get these products with various channel, like convenience stores, vending machines, Kiosks, Supermarkets, etc.

Tennen sui by suntory

Quotation Sauce:Suntory webpage

‘Tennen sui’ is mineral water with the largest sales in Japan. ‘Tennen sui’ means ‘Natural mineral water’, it’s very direct naming. The water is gush from 3 locations, Yamanashi, Tottori, and Kumamoto and supplied to the market.

  • Producer is suntory
  • Brand is since 1991
  • Maintaining forests, to save water sources
  • 4th water source will be opened in 2021 in Nagano

I LO HA S by Coca Cola Japan

Quotation Sauce:IROHAS webpage

‘I LO HA S’ is one of major mineral water in Japan. Name is coming from ‘Lohas’, lifestyles of health and sustainability. The special characteristic of this product is plastic bottle, which can be squeezed very easily. Recently label less bottle is released, it’s nice for recycling.

  • Producer is Coca-Cola Japan
  • Brand is since 2009
  • Making financial assistance to activity of saving forests
  • Official mineral water of Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Oishii Mizu by Asahi

Quotation Sauce:Asahi Inryo webpage

’Oishii Mizu’ is one of mineral water which has long history in Japan. In 1983, ‘Rokko no Oishii Mizu’ was released in the market. This product is as pioneer of mineral water for the general consumers. ‘Oishii’ means ‘delicious’ and ‘Mizu’ does ‘water’.

  • Producer is Asahi soft drinks
  • Brand is since 1983
  • House foods sold this brand to Asahi in 2010
  • Product for stockpiles for disaster is listed in this brand

Although Japanese mineral water has large share in Japanese market, we can see some mineral waters imported from other countries.

In this paragraph, I would like to introduce imported mineral water in Japanese market. These products are well known among Japanese people.

evian from France

Quotation Sauce:evian webpage

’evian’ is very famous brand of mineral water in Japan. It’s imported from France, since 1987. Trading company, ITOCHU Corp and major drink producer, Itoen have a exclusive right to sell in Japan. As they have strong selling network, we can buy water of this brand all over Japan.

  • Imported from France
  • In Japanese market since 1987
  • Very Famous in Japanese market
  • Water is harder than Japanese one

Crystal Geyser from USA

Quotation Sauce:crystalgeyser webpage

’Crystal Geyser’ is one of very famous mineral water in Japan. This product is imported from USA. This product was originally made by Crystal Geyser water company. In 1990, Japanese maker, Otsuka foods acquired this company and started sales in 1994.

  • Imported from USA
  • In Japanese market since 1994
  • Cap of the bottle is thin compare with competitors

volvic from France (Sales terminated in end of 2020)

Quotation Sauce:KIRIN webpage

’volvic’ is one of major mineral water in Japan. This product is imported from France. Major drink maker, KIRIN has exclusive rights to sell this product in Japan. As KIRIN has large network, we can buy it all over Japan. Water is soft, similar to Japanese water. Regret, however, sales was terminated in Japan in end of 2020.

  • Imported from France
  • In Japanese market since 1986
  • volvic is a name of water source
  • Sales was ended in 2020


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Mineral Water in Japan
  • Soft Water
  • Sparkling Water is not popular
  • The 3 Best Japanese Brands
    • Tennen Sui by Suntory
    • I LO HA S by Coca Cola Japan
  • Popular Imported Water in Japan
    • evian from France
    • Crystal Geyser from USA

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