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What is ‘Oi Ocha’

quotation source : https://www.itoen.jp/oiocha/

‘Oi Ocha’ is a very famous brand of Japanese tea in Japan. ‘Oi’ is kind of Japanese call, like ‘Hey’ and ‘Ocha’ means tea. Japanese poem is printed on the bottle of this product, which is supported by consumers long time.

Basic knowledge of ‘Oi Ocha’

  • No.1 Japanese tea brand in Japan
  • Producer is Itoen
  • Japanese poem is printed on the bottle
  • Keeping No.1 share in bottled tea market in Japan
  • More than 30 billion bottles sold in total

‘Oi Ocha’ is the products well known in Japan !

History of ‘Oi Ocha’

quotation source : https://itoen-shinhaiku.jp

‘Oi Ocha’ was released in market in 1989, which changed lifestyle if Japanese. In the past, people regarded green tea as drink in house, serving by themselves. However, ‘Oi Ocha’ make this theory outdated. People can enjoy green tea outside after release of ‘Oi Ocha’.

History of ‘Oi Ocha’

  • 1989 Started sales of Canned tea in Japan
  • 1989 Started invitation of Japanese poem
  • 1990 Started sales of bottled tea in Japan
  • 2000 Started sales of hot bottles in Japan
  • 2011 Sales achieved 20 billion in total
  • 2015 Calling of ‘Oi Ocha’ registered as sound trademark

‘Oi Ocha’ is a pioneer of bottled green tea in Japan !

Various Product of ‘Oi Ocha’

quotation source : https://www.itoen.jp/oiocha/

The main product of ‘Oi Ocha’ is Japanese green tea. Producer, Itoen make tea leaves, tea powder, tea in can, pet bottles, tea bags, etc. With this brand, there are three types of tea, green tea(Ryoku-cha), roasted green tea (Hoji-cha), brown rice tea (Genmai-cha).

Various products of ‘Oi Ocha’

  • Bottled tea
    • Green tea = Ryoku Cha (Hot/Cold/Frozen)
    • Roasted green tea = Hoji Cha (Hot/Cold)
    • Brown rice tea = Gemmai Cha (Hot/Cold)
  • Tea leaves (above three tea)
  • Tea bags (above three tea)
  • Tea powder (Green tea, Roasted green tea)

I like ‘Hoji Cha’ of ‘Oi Ocha’ !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Oi Ocha’ in Japan

  • No.1 sales in category of bottled green tea in Japan
  • Started sales in 1989
  • Variety of line-up, green tea, roasted tea, brown rice tea, etc


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We can get ‘Oi Ocha’ by various channels, vending machines on the street, in supermarkets, Kiosk, etc. Actually, I got ‘Oi Ocha’ with vending machine and had it in my working time. Just informatively, Japanese don’t put sugar in green tea.


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