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I wrote this article to introduce ‘Pocari Sweat’, as popular Japanese donut restaurant and to clear your question about it.

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  • Introduction of ‘Pocari Sweat’ in Japan
  • Deep Diving with Q & A style
    • History
    • Sports Drink
    • Line-up
    • Price, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Pocari Sweat’ in Japan.

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What is ‘Pocari Sweat’ ?

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‘Pocari Sweat’ is very popular drink in Japan.

It’s isotonic water, Japanese call it ‘Sports Drink’ and take it when we play sports and various activities. Pocari Sweat is one of major ‘Sports Drink’ and Japanese call it ‘Pocari’ in short.

Manufacturer is Otsuka Pharmaceutical and ‘Pocari Sweat’ is one of main item in drink category of their consumer products.

Introduction of Pocari Sweat
  • Isotonic water in blue labeled bottle
  • Japanese categorize it as ‘Sports Drink’
  • Japanese take it in sports and various activities
  • Japanese call it as ‘Pocari’ in short

Deep Diving into Pocari Sweat in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Pocari Sweat in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

Please kindly open items what you want to know.


I hope you can clear your question in this part.

‘Sports Drink’ is kind of soft drink to keep hydration when people lost water in the exercise or motion in daily life.

‘Sports Drink’ contains water, sugars, and minerals, like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Sauce : MAFF webpage (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

Pocari Sweat has more than 40 years of history in Japan

‘Pocari Sweat’ was started on sales in 1980.

This product is pioneer of ‘Sports Drink’ market in Japan. In the first, sales is not so good, as Japanese never had this kind of drink.

However, producer, Otsuka Pharmaceutical made promotion again and again, then this product was getting popular in Japan.

  • 1980 Started sales of ‘Pocari Sweat’
  • 1987 Sales achieved 3 billion bottles in total
  • 1993 Sales achieved 10 billion bottles
  • 1998 Sales achieved 20 billion bottles
  • 2008 Sales achieved 30 billion bottles

Reference : Otsuka webpage

Good timing to have ‘Pocari Sweat’ in daily life

  • After or in playing sports
  • After or before taking baths to keep water in body
  • In very hot day, to avoid heatstroke
  • In long transport, to avoid economy class syndrome

Reference : Pocari Sweat webpage

‘Pocari Sweat’ is available in various places in Japan. We can get it easily.

  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Kiosks
  • Vending Machines (Mainly Otsuka’s one)

Author’s research in Yokohama city

Various types of ‘Pocari Sweat’ are available in Japan.

  • Plastic Bottle
    • 250ml
    • 300ml
    • 500ml
    • 900ml
    • 1.5L
    • 2L
  • Powder type
  • Jelly type
Quotation Sauce:pocari sweat webpage

Sauce : otsuka webpage

The price of ‘Pocari Sweat’ is around JPY 140 per 500ml plastic bottle, as most popular size in Japanese market.

Author’s research in Yokohama city


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