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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ in Japan.

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What is ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’

quotation source : https://www.ajinomoto.co.jp/company/jp/features/fact/048.html

‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ is very popular frozen food in Japan. ‘Ajinomoto’ is mane of manufacturer. ‘Reito’ means frozen, and ‘Gyoza’ is kind of dumping. We can get ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. Although there are many kinds of ‘Reito Gyoza’, ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ is always No.1 sales in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ’Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’

  • Very popular frozen food in Japan
  • Producer is Ajinomoto
  • 12 pieces of Gyoza per package
  • No.1 sales in Japanese frozen food market

I think that ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ is king of frozen food in Japan !

History of ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’

quotation source : https://www.ffa.ajinomoto.com/gyoza/rekishi/

Ajinomoto started sales of frozen food in Japan in 1972. Reito Gyoza was listed in initial line-up of frozen food. In 1997, there was improvements that we can cook it without any old on the pan. In update of 2012, it became that we can make Gyoza without oil and water, which was kind of revolution in Reito Gyoza market.

History of ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’

  • Started sales in 1972
  • 1997 improvements to cook without any oil
  • 2012 improvements to cook without water
  • No.1 sales in Reito Gyoza market since 1972

‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ is one of pioneer of frozen Gyoza in Japan !

How to cook ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’

quotation source : https://twitter.com/ff_ajinomoto/status/1330421239790391296?s=21

The sales point of ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ is easiness to cook, good taste, getting ‘Hane’ as crispy layer as wing of Gyoza. We can make Gyoza with very simple process, putting on pan, without any oil and ingredients, steaming 4-6 minutes, than grilling few minutes. We can enjoy crispy ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ very easily.

More information about ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’

  • How to make Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza
    • Putting on pan without oil
    • Steaming without water
    • Grilling few more minutes
    • Prepare sauce & Serve on plate

I would recommend you to try ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’. It taste nice !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Ajinomoto Reito Gyoza’ in Japan

  • No1. sales of Reito Gyoza, as frozen Gyoza
  • Started sales in 1972
  • Easy to cook, with pan, without any oil, water


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