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Criteria for Selection

  • Easy to Get
    • Available at Supermarkets
    • Reasonable Price, less than ¥180
  • Popularity
    • Well known among Japanese people
    • Long seller in Japanese market

Please have a look at my selection !

*Not contained milk, single package products only

Ice no mi

Quotation Sauce:glico webpage

‘Ice no mi’ is very famous flavored ice with the top 3 largest sales in Japan. 12 x Spherical shape of flavored ice are inside of the plastic package. Fruits taste is very nice to refresh in hot summer in Japan.

  • Producer is glico
  • Flavored ice balls inside (Approx. 2.5 cm diameters)
  • Eat through 2 types of outlet (Wide/Normal)
  • Various Flavors available
    • Grape
    • Mikan (Mandarin Orange)
    • Muscat
    • Cafe au lait
    • Strawberry
    • Other seasonable, time limited flavors


Quotation Sauce:Morinage webpage

‘Icebox’ as flavored ice is also with top 3 largest sales in Japan. Crushed grapefruit flavored ice are inside of a cup. As taste is light, people have ‘Icebox’ with pouring various drinks, like tea, soda pop, energy drinks, etc.

  • Producer is Morinaga
  • Crushed Ice are in plastic cup
  • Really nice to cool down body in sever Japanese summer
  • Good to have other drinks
    • Carbonated drink
    • Fruits juices
    • Teas
    • Liquor, etc


Quotation Sauce:Akagi webpage

‘Gari Gari Kun ’ is flavored ice also with the top 3 largest sales in Japan. Unit price is very reasonable. It’s around 70 yen, while other nominated ices are around or more than 100 yen.

  • Producer is Akagi
  • Most popular ice pop in Japan
  • Get one more Ice, if ‘Atari’ is printed on the stick
  • Various flavors available
    • Nashi (Most popular)
    • Soda (Second popular)
    • Grape Fruites
    • Cola, etc


Quotation Sauce:Futaba Foods webpage

‘SACRE Lemon’ is very unique ice products in Japan. Slice of lemon is topped on ice. This product is made from simply ice and lemon. So it’s very refreshing flavor, whic is really nice in hot summer in Japan.

  • Producer is Futaba
  • Slice of Lemon is on top of ice
  • Very refreshing flavor is good in summer
  • Various Flavors available
    • Lemon (Most popular)
    • Peach
    • Orange
    • Red Bean, etc


Quotation Sauce:glico webpage

‘Papico’ is a product of flavored ice in the plastic bottle. Special feature of ‘Papico’ is that the bottle can be split into two, we can share it with partner.

  • Producer is glico
  • Ice product is in the plastic bottle
  • The bottle can be easily split into two
  • Various Flavors available
    • Choco Coffee
    • Grape
    • White sour


This is the end of article. In the end, let me summarize my recommendation as follows. I hope you can find your favorite one from the list !

The 5 Best Flavored Ice in Japan
  • Ice no mi
  • Icebox
  • Garigari kun
  • Papico

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