The 6 Best Ice Creams in Japan | Japanese Webmaster’s Choice !

This Article is about
  • Japanese popular Ice Cream products
  • Features of each products
  • Commentary by Japanese webmaster
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Criteria for Selection

  • Easy to Get
    • Available at Supermarkets
    • Reasonable Price, around ¥150
  • Popularity
    • Well known among Japanese people
    • Large Sales in Japanese market

Please have a look at my selection !

(*) There are milk containing products only. Other products, like flavored ice, Sherbets will be taken up separately

Choco Monaka Jumbo

Quotation Sauce:Morinaga website

‘Choco Monaka Jumbo’ is ice cream with the largest sales in Japan. There are chocolate plate and vanilla ice cream inside of ‘Monaka’ wafers. Sales is increasing multiple years in a row from 2001. The texture of cold chocolate is really nice.

  • Producer is Morinaga
  • Chocolate plate in Vanilla ice cream, coated by Wafers
  • Chocolate and Wafers are very crispy
  • 18 bumps in surface, easy to divide and share

Yukimi Daifuku

Quotation Sauce:Lotte Webpage

‘Yukimi’ means ‘snow viewing’ and ‘Daifuku’ is Japanese traditional sweets. It made from vanilla ice cream inside and soft rice cake rounded outside, which is loved from children to old in Japan.

  • Producer is Lotte
  • Looks like Traditional food, ‘Daifuku’
  • Vanilla ice cream coated by soft rice cake
  • Large sales, even in winter season

Essel Super Cup

Quotation Sauce:Meiji webpage

‘Essel Super Cup’ is a ice cream in paper cup. Vanilla flavor is the largest sales, while there are some flavors available. Compare with other products, volume is rather large. So this product is supported mainly by younger generation.

  • Producer is Meiji
  • Large size compare with other paper cup products
  • Several Flavors are available
    • Vanilla
    • Green Tea
    • Chocolate Cookie, etc

Giant Cone

Quotation Sauce:glico webpage

‘Giant Cone’ is very popular ice cream in Japan with ice cream cone. Special feature of ‘Giant Cone’ is its shape. The ice cream is inside of cone shape crispy waffle. The harmony of chocolate and topped nuts is very nice.

  • Producer is glico
  • Most popular ice cream with cone
  • Some flavors available
    • Chocolate Nuts
    • Cookie and Chocolate
    • Almond Chocola, etc


Quotation Sauce:Lotte webpage

‘Coolish’ is very unique ice cream products in Japan. Special feature of ‘Coolish’ is the style of package. Ice cream is inside of plastic bag with tube. We can eat ice cream without spoon and bring it easily.

  • Producer is Lotte
  • Ice cream with plastic bag with tube
  • Multiple flavors available
    • Vanilla
    • Matcha (Green Tea)
    • Belgium Chocolate
    • Calpis (Japanese Lactic Acid Drink)


Quotation Sauce:Pino webpage

‘Pino’ is the product with 6 pieces of chocolate coated vanilla ice cream. The size of each piece of Pino is very small. Plastic stick is included in the package. And it’s very nice to eat a piece in one bite.

  • Producer is Morinaga
  • 6 pieces per package
  • Unique shape included very rarely
    • Heart shape Pino
    • Star shape Pino


This is the end of article. In the end, let me summarize my recommendation as follows. I hope you can find your favorite one from the list !

The 6 Best Ice Creams in Japan
  • Choco Monaka Jumbo
  • Yukimi Daifuku
  • Essel Super Cup
  • Giant Cone
  • Coolish
  • Pino

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