The 5 Best Multi-pack ice cream in Japan | Japanese Webmaster’s Choice !

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Criteria for Selection

  • Easy to Get
    • Available at Supermarkets
    • Reasonable Price, less than ¥550 per box
  • Popularity
    • Well known among Japanese people
    • Long seller in Japanese market

Please have a look at my selection !

Multi pack ice cream for Japanese

Ice cream and flavored ice are very popular in Japan. We can buy them in supermarkets and convenience stores easily. As frozen food can be kept in refrigerator longtime, we can see multi-pack products of ice cream and flavored ice in the market.

Especially in summer season, it’s essential for Japanese to have stocks of ice cream, to have good life in humid and hot weather in Japan.

PARM chocolate bar

Quotation Sauce:Morinaga Webpage

‘Parm chocolate bar’ is multi-pack ice cream with the largest sales in Japan (Sales per million people : 432,275 yen). Palme is very popular product, vanilla ice cream is covered by chocolate. This product is mainly supported by elder generation.

  • Producer is Morinaga
  • 6 bars per package
  • The bar in Multi-pack is smaller than single pack
  • Multi pack 55ml per bar / Single pack 90 ml

Azuki bar

Quotation Sauce:Imuraya webpage

‘Azuki bar’ is a multi-pack ice cream (flavored ice) with the 2nd largest sales in Japan (Sales per million people : 354,156 yen). Special characteristic of ‘Azuki bar’ is that ice cream is hardness. It’s said that ‘Azuki bar’ is the most hard ice cream in Japan.

  • Producer is Imuraya
  • 6 bars in package
  • Very Japanese taste, red bean jam flavor
  • With heating up, ‘Azuki bar’ change to ‘Oshiruko’

Pino assort

Quotation Sauce:Pino webpage

‘Pino assort’ is a multi-pack ice cream with the 3rd largest sales in Japan (Sales per million people : 350,321 yen). Special characteristic of ‘Pino assort’ is that there are three different flavors, vanilla, almond, chocolate, in a box.

Facts about ‘Pino assort’

  • Producer is Morinaga
  • 24 pieces of ice cream in a box
  • Individual packages per piece
    • Yellow = Almonds
    • Red = Vanilla
    • Blue = Chocolate

Pari Pari Bar

Quotation Sauce:Morinaga webpage

‘Pari Pari bar’ is a multi-pack ice cream with the 4th largest sales in Japan (Sales per million people : 330,882 yen). ‘Pari Pari’ is an onomatopoeia for crunchy texture. Chocolate in the bar is very crunchy, which is the special characteristic of ‘Pari Pari bar’.

Facts about ‘Pari Pari bar’

  • Producer is Morinaga
  • 8 bars in a box
  • ‘Pari Pari’ feeling so nice
  • It’s like white tiger

European Sugar Corn

Quotation source :Kracie webpage

‘European Sugar Corn’ is a multi-pack ice cream with the 5th largest sales in Japan (Sales per million people : 327,986 yen). Special characteristic of ‘European Sugar Corn’ is with very fine balance of vanilla ice cream, chocolate, and ice cream corn.

Facts about ‘European Sugar Corn’

  • Producer is Kracie foods
  • 5 ice cream in a box
  • Multi-pack only (No single pack product)


This is the end of article. In the end, let me summarize my recommendation as follows. I hope you can find your favorite one from the list !

The 5 Multi-Pack Ice Cream in Japan
  • PARM
  • AZUKI Bar
  • Pino Assort
  • Pari-Pari Bar
  • European Sugar Corn

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