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What is ‘Kani-Pan’ ??

What is ‘Kani’ ??

I wrote this article to clear your question about ‘Kani-Pan’ , as popular product in Japan.

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  • Basic knowledge of Kani-Pan in Japan
  • Deep Diving with answering questions
    • History
    • Transforming !
    • Strong points
    • Calorie, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Kani-Pan’ in Japan.

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What is Kani-Pan ?

Kanipan is very popular food in Japan.

‘Kani’ means ‘Crab’. And ‘Pan’ means ‘Bread’. The name of Kani-Pan is coming from its shape, not from ingredients. Kani-Pan doesn’t contain any crab actually.

The illustration of crab is on the package, which is trademark of Kani-Pan.

Manufacturer is Sanritsu Seika. And Kani-Pan is one of main product of this Manufacturer.

What is Kani-Pan
  • Very popular bread in Japan
  • Kani means crab, the shape of Kanipan is like a crab
  • Kanipan doesn’t contain any crab as ingredient
  • Manufacturer is Sanritsu Seika

Deep Diving into Kani-Pan in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Kani-Pan in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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The producer, Sanritsu Seika started sales of Kanipan in 1974.

In the past, Sanritsu Seika made products with various shape. However, nowadays, Kani-Pan is survived in the line-up of this manufacturer.

  • 1971 Strike-Pan (Bowling-Pins shape)
  • 1972 RanRan KanKan Pan (Panda shape)
  • 1974 Kani-Pan
  • 1975 Usagi-Pan (Rabbit shape)
  • 1994 Soccer Daisuki (Football shape)
  • 1997 Mamettai (Fish shape)

Now, only Kani-Pan is available. Japanese consumers support Kani-Pan long time.

Reference : Sanritsu Seika webpage

The unique point of Kani-Pan is that it can be transformed into various things.

Kanipan can transform into various things

  • Butterfly
  • Dragonfly
  • Giraffe
  • mobile phone, etc

As Kanipan is very easy to tear off, we can make Kanipan transform into various figures.

For example, we can change Kanipan to butterfly with few step. Then we can make Kanipan to be dragonfly with few more steps.

Other than that, Kanipan can transform into giraffe, mobile phone, hair dryer, rock, paper, scissors, etc. We can enjoy eating Kanipan very well.

Reference : Sanritsu Seika webpage

Kani-Pan is available in various places in Japan

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Drugstores
  • Kiosks, etc

Author’s research in Yokohama city

The price of Kani-Pan is around JPY 120 per package (2 breads in a package).

Author’s research in Yokohama city

Strong points of Kani-Pan are as follows :

  • Easy to tear off
  • Containing lactic acid bacterium
  • Long term preservation (45 days)
  • Taste Good !

Author’s research

Calorie of Kani-Pan is 283 kcal per package (2 breads inside, 80g in total)

And Kani-Pan contains protein, lipid, carb, salt.

  • Calorie 283 kcal
  • Protein 7.2g
  • Lipid 8.4g
  • Carb 44.6g
  • Salt 0.4g

Reference : Package of Kani-Pan


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