Kyuri no Kyu-chan | Popular cucumber pickles in Japan, with ‘Pori-Pori’ feeling, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ in Japan

You may get knowledge of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ in Japan, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun ! 


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What is ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’

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‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ is one of very popular pickles in Japan. ‘Kyuri’ means cucumber and ‘Kyu-Chan’ is nickname of character. It’s pickled cucumbers with soy sauce. ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ has own mouthfeel, we, Japanese express it as ‘Pori-Pori’. Taste is very nice to eat with white rice.

Basic knowledge of ’Kyuri no Kyu-chan’

  • Popular pickles in Japan
  • Pickled cucumber, with soy sauce
  • Unique mouthfeel, ‘Pori-Pori’ in Japanese
  • Taste is very nice to eat with white rice

‘Pori Pori’ feeling of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-Chan’ is nice !

History of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’

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The producer, Tokai Tsukemono started sales of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ in 1962. In next year, TV commercial was broadcasted with famous singer, Mr. Kyu Sakamoto and got popularity. Producer continues to make improvements of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’. In 1962, salt content ratio was 10%. It was getting smaller and it’s currently less than 4%.

History of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’

  • 1962 Started sales of Kyuri no Kyu-chan
  • 1963 TV commercial with Mr. Kyu Sakamoto
  • 1977 Total sales getting 1 billion packages
  • 1998 Stopped utilizing synthetic preservatives and coloring

‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ has history more than 50 years in Japan !

More information about ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’

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Although ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ was developed to eat with white rice, there are many kinds of recipes to eat ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’. It’s nice to eat with bread, salads, noodles, etc. Salty taste and unique mouthfeel of ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ can be an accent of cuisines.

How to eat ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’

  • Nice to eat with…
    • White rice
    • Fried rice
    • Bread
    • Salad
    • Noodles

My recommend is to eat ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ with white rice !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kyuri no Kyu-chan’ in Japan

  • Popular pickles of cucumber, seasoning with soy sauce
  • Manufactured by Tokai Tsukemono
  • Started sales in 1962
  • Eating with white rice, fried rice, salad, noodles, etc


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