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What is ‘Okame Natto’ ??

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    • History
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What is ‘Okame Natto’ ?

‘Okame Natto’ is very popular ‘Natto’ products in Japan.

‘Okame’ is Japanese traditional mask, which is printed on package as trademark. ‘Natto’ is fermented soybeans. 

‘Okame Natto’ has a largest share approximately 25-30% in Japanese market, where it’s said that there are more than 700 of manufacturers of ‘Natto’. 

Okame Natto is main product of Takano Foods, as Manufacturer.

What is Okame Natto
  • Okame Face is printed on the package
  • Most popular ‘Natto’ in Japan 
  • Largest share in Japanese market 
  • Manufacturer is Takano Foods 

Deep Diving into OKAME NATTO in Japan

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OKAME is traditional mask of woman face in Japan. OKAME is used in KAGURA as Japanese traditional dancing with music.

OKAME is with round face, Asian eyes, low nose, and fair skin.

Reference : Kotobank

OKAME Natto has approximately 90 yeas of history in Japan.

  • 1932 Started sales 
  • 1972 New factory established 
  • 1975 Factory expanded 
  • 1982 New factory established 
  • 2022 Production made with 9 factories in Japan

‘Takano’ as the manufacturer of ‘Okame Natto’ was established in 1932. From the beginning, ‘Okame’ is the trademark of their ‘Natto’ products.

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Okame Natto is available in various places in Japan

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Drugstores
  • Direct sales at factory in Ibaraki

Author’s research

The price of Okame Natto is around JPY 90 (pack of 3, most popular type).

Author’s research in Yokohama city

There are many kinds of ‘Okame Natto’ products in Japanese market. Most of products are three packages per 1 set. Packages are made from plastic or paper. 

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Variety of ‘Okame Natto’

  • Small soybeans 
  • ‘Hikiwari’ as chopped soybeans 
  • Japanese soybeans 
  • ’Shiso’ flavor Natto 
  • Collagen Natto , etc

There are various size of soybeans, and types of flavors. Consumers can select preferred products from line-up of ‘Okame Natto’.

Author’s research

My recommendation is ‘SUGOI-Natto S-903’.

This product is made with ‘Super Natto Bacteria S-903’. According to the study of manufacturer, this bacteria can boost immunity 1.5 times, compare with usual natto bacteria.

This product made high sales and sold out in a lot of supermarkets in Japan.

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