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What is Gyoza no Ohsho

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Gyoza no Ohsho is very famous Chinese restaurant chain in Japan. Gyoza is main menu, fried dumplings. More than 2 millions pieces of Gyoza are provided in Gyoza no Ohsho, all over Japan. Red signboard with white letters is a trademark of Gyoza no Ohsho.

Basic information about Gyoza no Ohsho

  • Popular Chinese Restaurant Chain in Japan
  • Gyoza is a main menu of Gyoza no Ohsho
  • Japanese call as ‘Ohsho’ in short, generally
  • 2 million pieces of Gyoza provided per day

History of Gyoza no Ohsho

quotation source : http://map.ohsho.co.jp/b/ohsho/info/1001/

In 1967, first restaurant of Gyoza no Ohsho was opened in Kyoto. Initially, Gyoza no Ohsho was developed in Kyoto and Osaka area. In end of 1970’s, They started open new restaurant other area than Kyoto. In 2000’s, Gyoza no Ohsho continued development and it was getting popular all over Japan.

History of Gyoza no Ohsho

  • 1967 Established in Kyoto
  • 1978 Number of restaurant became 50
  • 1981 Number of restaurant became 200
  • 2007 Number of restaurant became 500
  • As of 2020, 734 of Gyoza no Ohsho in Japan

More information about Gyoza no Ohsho

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Gyoza no Ohsho provide various menus, not only Gyoza, but also other Chinese cuisine. Basic menus are common in all of Gyoza no Ohsho, however, there are unique menu customized in each restaurant. So we can enjoy meals at Gyoza no Ohsho for each restaurant.

Various items in Gyoza no Ohsho

  • Popular menu in Gyoza no Ohsho
    • Gyoza
    • Cha-Han (Fried rice)
    • Kara-Age (Fried Chicken)
    • Tenshin-Han (Crabmeat omelet on rice)


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I love Gyoza of ‘Gyoza no Ohsho’

What is ‘Gyoza no Ohsho’ in Japan

  • Very famous Chinese Restaurant chain
  • Established in 1967 in Kyoto
  • Gyoza is main menu, 2,000,000 pieces of Gyoza provided per day


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