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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Hotto Motto’ in Japan

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What is ‘Hotto Motto’

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‘Hotto Motto’ is chain stores of Bento box in Japan. ‘Bento’ is packaged meal, in which white rice and some side dishes. We can order Bento box at ‘Hotto Motto’ from various menus. Signboard with alphabet, H&M is the trademark of ‘Hotto Motto’.

Basic information about ‘Hotto Motto’

  • Cain store of Bento box in Japan
  • Operated by Plenus co.,Ltd
  • Various Bento there, white rice with side dishes
  • Red circle signboard with alphabet H&M

Bento box, of ‘Hotto Motto’ is very nice.

History of ‘Hotto Motto’

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‘Hotto Motto’ was originally operated with different name, ‘Hokka Hokka Tei’ longtime. In 2008, ‘Hotto Motto’ was established with separated from ‘Hokka Hokka Tei’. It started with 2,000 shops. After that, ‘Hotto Motto’ developed and as of 2020, approximately 2,500 of ‘Hotto Motto’ in Japan.

History of ‘Hotto Motto’

  • Originally, ‘Hokka Hokka Tei’
  • Separated from Hokka Hokka Tei in 2008
  • Hotto Motto started with 2,000 shops in Japan
  • As of 2020, approximately 2,500 Hotto Motto in Japan

‘Hotto Motto’ was originally different name, ‘Hokka Hokka Tei’ !

Various menu of ‘Hotto Motto’

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One of specific point of ‘Hotto Motto’ is variety of menus. ‘Hotto Motto’ provide various Bento, chicken, beef, pork, fish, salad, etc. The price is reasonable and it taste really nice. As they have kitchen in all of shops, ‘Hotto Motto’ provides ‘Hot’ Bento box in their shop.

Various menu of ‘Hotto Motto’

  • Chicken (Kara-age, Chicken Namban, etc)
  • Beef (Beef steak, Hamburg, etc)
  • Pork (Ton-Katsu, Shoga-Yaki, etc)
  • Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, etc)

I really like ‘Kara Age Bento’ of ‘Hotto Motto’ !!


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Hotto Motto’ in Japan

  • Chain store of Bento box
  • Established in 2008, separated from ‘Hokka Hokka Tei’
  • Various foods available, fish, beef, chicken, pork, etc


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Hotto Motto is the largest Bento box chain shop in Japan. I often have Bento of Hotto Motto. My favorite is ‘Kara age Bento 6 pieces’. It’s very nice for me and really reasonable, ¥490 per box. Hotto Motto support Japanese life with their products.


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