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  • Menus of ‘Matsuya’ in Japan
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What is ‘Matsuya’

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‘Matsuya’ is very famous Gyudon restaurant chain in Japan. ‘Gyudon’ is very popular Japanese cuisine, beef and onions on rice in the bowl. We can take ‘Gyudon’ both in the restaurant and taking out, with very reasonable price. Yellow signboard is a trademark of ‘Matsuya’.

Basic information about ‘Matsuya’

  • Famous Gyudon restaurant in Japan
  • Gyudon, as beef bowl is main menu of Matsuya
  • Take out menu is available
  • It’s reasonable price
  • Yellow signboard is a trademark of Matsuya

Yellow signboard is the trademark of ‘Matsuya’ in Japan !

History of ‘Matsuya’

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In 1966, first ‘Matsuya’ was opened as Chinese restaurant. In 1968, ‘Matsuya’ as Gyudon restaurant was opened in Tokyo. In 1990, Matsuya was registered in stock market in Japan and get developed significantly. In 2013, number of ‘Matsuya’ became 1,000 in Japan. As of 2020, there are 959 Matsuya in Japan.

History of ‘Matsuya’

  • 1966 Opened 1st Matsuya as Chinese restaurant
  • 1968 Opened as Gyudon restaurant
  • 1990 Listed in stock market in Japan
  • 2000 Number of restaurant became 300
  • 2013 Number of restaurant became 1,000

We can see ‘Matsuya’ in downtown area, mainly in Japan !

Various Menus at ‘Matsuya’

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‘Matsuya’ provides various menu in their restaurants, not only ‘Gyudon’, but also other meals like, curry rice, salads, beef stew, pork, hamburg, udon noodle, etc., with free miso soup. There are also morning menu in Matsuya. We can enjoy meals in Matsuya with variety of meals.

Various menus in ‘Matsuya’

  • Gyudon (Beef bowl)
  • Butadon (Pork bowl)
  • Curry rice
  • Set meals (Beef, Pork, etc)
  • Salads, Egg, Miso soup, etc

I like ‘Gyudon’ of ‘Matsuya’ very much !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Matsuya’ in Japan

  • Famous Gyudon restaurant chain in Japan
  • Established in 1966
  • Gyudon, Curry rice, set meals, salads, soups are availabile


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When I was in University, I ate Gyudon in Matsuya after part time working, with my colleagues many times. I still have opportunity to go Matsuya, It always reminds me of youthful days ! I like Matsuya very much.


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