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What is ‘Sushi-ro’

‘Sushi-Ro’ is a Kaiten-Sushi (Round Sushi) restaurants with no.1 sales in Japan. As a lot of commercial messages are broadcasted all over Japan, ‘Sushi-Ro’ brand is very famous from north to south in Japan.

Bits of knowledge about ‘Sushi-ro’

  • No.1 Sales in industry of Round Sushi restaurants
  • More than 500 Sushi-ro restaurants in Japan
  • Sushi-ro opening restaurants all 47 prefectures
  • Sushi-ro in Katakana in Red circle is the trademark
  • Big signboard of trademark is on the street

I often go ‘Sushi-ro’ with my family !

History of ‘Sushi-ro’

quotation source :

First ‘Sushi-Ro’ was opened in 1984, in Osaka, with different name. Then, in 2000, name is changed to ‘Sushi-Ro’. The number of restaurants and sales are increasing year by year. And in 2011, they are finally getting no.1 sales in Japanese Sushi restaurants. As of 2020, Sushi-Ro is still with no.1 Sushi seller in Japan.

History of ‘Sushi-ro’

  • 1984 First Sushi-ro (Sushi-taro) opened in Osaka
  • 2000 Brand name changed to Sushi-ro
  • 2011 Get No.1 sales of round sushi in Japan
  • 2015 Number of restaurants achieved to 400
  • 2017 Restaurants opened in all 47 prefectures
  • 2018 Number of restaurants achieved to 500

‘Sushi-ro’ is sharply developing in 21st Century !

Challenges by ‘Sushi-ro’

‘Sushi-ro’ is trying increase value of brand with various investment to the restaurants. Especially, they make various efforts to the digitalization in their operation, which makes customers happy in their meals at ‘Sushi-ro’.

Digitalization in ‘Sushi-ro’

  • Customer make orders by touch panel
  • Touch panel is with multiple languages
    • English
    • Chinese
    • Korean
  • Sushi-ro application for smart phones available
    • Expected waiting time is shown
    • Making reservation by smartphone
    • Or be in queue in smartphone

We can enjoy meals at ‘Sushi-ro’ with much comfort !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Sushi-ro’ in Japan

  • Round Sushi Restaurant with No.1 sales in Japan
  • Established in 1984
  • Digitalization started, Reservation by smartphone, order with touch panel


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Sushi-ro is very popular in Japan. Actually, I often go to Sushi-ro with my family. My sons really love Sushi-ro. They always enjoy Sushi there. As a lot of consumers coming Sushi-ro, it’s basically crowded there. So I always be in queue, with smartphone.


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