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I wrote this article to introduce ‘Yoshinoya’, as popular Japanese restaurant and to clear your question about it.

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  • Introduction of ‘Yoshinoya’ in Japan
  • Deep Diving with Q & A style
    • History
    • Menus
    • Price
    • Making order, etc

In first part, you can get basic information about ‘Yoshinoya’ in Japan.

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What is ‘Yoshinoya’ ?

Quotation Sauce:Yoshinoya webpage

‘Yoshinoya’ is very famous Gyudon restaurant chain in Japan.

Gyudon is very popular Japanese cuisine, beef and onions on rice in the bowl. We can take Gyudon both in the restaurant and taking out, with very reasonable price.

Yoshinoya is available in all of prefectures in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Orange signboard is a trademark of ‘Yoshinoya’.

Introduction of Yoshonoya
  • Famous Gyudon restaurant in Japan
  • Gyudon, as beef bowl is main menu of Yoshinoya
  • Take out menu is available
  • It’s reasonable price
  • Orange signboard is a trademark of Yoshinoya

Deep Diving into Yoshinoya in Japan

I would like to introduce more information about Yoshinoya in Japan, in this paragraph with Q & A style, so that you can access information easily.

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Yoshinoya has more than 120 years of history in Japan.

  • 1899 Opened 1st Yoshinoya in Tokyo
  • 1945 Destroyed by Great Tokyo air raid
  • 1947 Re-Opend in Tokyo
  • 1968 started multi store development
  • 2004 Number of restaurant became 1,000

In 1899, first ‘Yoshinoya’ was opened in Nihonbashi in Tokyo.

In 1926, moved to Tsukiji in Tokyo. In 1945, destroyed by Great Tokyo air raid and re-opened in 1947. In 1968, 2nd Yoshinoya was opened. Since then, ‘Yoshinoya’ started expansion.

As of 2022, approximately 1,200 of Yoshinoya restaurants in Japan.

Quotation Sauce:Yoshinoya webpage

Reference : Yoshinoya webpage

Catchphrase of Yoshinoya is ‘Umai, Hayai, Yasui’

  • Umai
    • ‘Umai’ means delicious
    • Serving high quality meals
  • Hayai
    • ‘Hayai’ means ‘Quickly’
    • Serving meals quickly
  • Yasui
    • ‘Yasui’ means ‘Reasonable’
    • Serving meals with reasonable price

Reference : Yoshinoya webpage

Main menu of Yoshinoya is ‘Gyudon’. Until 2003, there was single menu, only Gyudon in ‘Yoshinoya’.

However, in 2004, as import of beef was prohibited due to BSE disaster, ‘Yoshinoya’ started to provide meals other than Gyudon.

Since then, we can enjoy various meals ‘Yoshinoya’.

  • Gyudon (Beef bowl)
  • Butadon (Pork bowl)
  • Una-Jyu (Grilled Eel bowl)
  • Curry rice
  • Set meals (Beef, Pork, Chicken, etc)
  • Salads, Miso soup, etc
Quotation Sauce:Yoshinoya webpage
Quotation Sauce:Yoshinoya webpage

Reference : Yoshinoya webpage

The price of Gyudon is in the range from JPY 368 – 818 (+Tax, as of Apr. 2022).

  • Small size (Ko-mori) : JPY 368
  • Normal size (Nami-mori) : JPY 388
  • Large size (O-mori) : JPY 558
  • Extra Large size (Toku-mori) : JPY 708
  • Super Extra Large size (Cho Toku-mori) JPY 818

Sauce : Yoshinoya webpage

In Yoshinoya, customer need to make order directly to employees. Basic flow in Yoshinoya is as follows.

  • Select meal (Menu sheet is on the counter)
  • Make order to employee
  • Receive meals with voucher
  • Enjoy meal
  • Pass voucher to employee and make payment
  • No tips is required in Japan

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