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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘AJIPON’ in Japan

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What is ‘AJIPON’

quotation source :http://www.mizkan.co.jp/ajipon/

‘AJIPON’ is very popular liquid seasoning in Japan. ‘AJIPON’ is mainly made from ‘Ponzu’ and soy sauce. ‘Ponzu’ is kind of vinegar containing citrus juice. We can get ‘AJIPON’ in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. The orange label is the trademark of ‘AJIPON’ in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ’AJIPON’

  • Very popular liquid seasoning in Japan
  • Kind of vinegar
  • Containing soy sauce, citrus juice, etc
  • Available at supermarkets, convenience stores etc

The bottle with Orange label is the trademark of ‘AJIPON’ !

History of ‘AJIPON’

quotation source :http://www.mizkan.co.jp/ajipon/about/history/

In 1964, prototype of ‘AJIPON’ was released in Japanese market by producer, Mizkan. Mizkan appealed usage for hot pot cuisines and it’s accepted by consumers. In 1979, name was changed to ‘AJIPON’. With increasing of sales, use of ‘AJIPON’ is expanded to cuisines other than hot pot. Now, it’s used for various meals in Japan.

History of ‘AJIPON’

  • 1964, prototype of ‘AJIPON’ was released
  • Mainly accepted by consumers for hot pot cuisines
  • 1979 Name was changed to ‘AJIPON’
  • 1989 – Mizkan suggested use of various cuisines
  • Suggestions were accepted by consumers

‘AJIPON’ is very popular seasoning liquid in Japan long time !

Cooking with ‘AJIPON’

quotation source :http://www.mizkan.co.jp/ajipon/special/nabe/

‘AJIPON’ is used for various kinds of Japanese cuisines. Most traditional use is for hot pot. Other than that, ‘AJIPON’ is used for seasoning of grilled fish, salad, boiled foods, Gyoza, noodles, etc. ‘AJIPON’ is very popular item in Japanese life, nowadays.

Various usage of ‘AJIPON’

  • Hot pot cuisines
  • Grilled fish, meat, chicken
  • Boiled foods
  • Salad
  • Tofu, Gyoza, Sashimi fish, etc

‘AJIPON’ is available for various kind of Japanese cuisines.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘AJIPON’ in Japan

  • Very popular liquid seasoning, kind of vinegar
  • Manufactured by Mizkan
  • Started sales in 1964
  • Various usage, hot pot, grilled fish, meat, chicken, salad, etc


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‘AJIPON’ is well known in Japanese market. Actually, I use ‘AJIPON’ in various meals. Especially I like to eat hot pot with ‘AJIPON’ very much. ‘AJIPON’ is really nice for hot vegetables. I always have ‘AJIPON’ in my refrigerator.


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