Gohan-desuyo | Bottled Seaweed Paste, Good partner of White rice, Guided by Japanse webmaster !

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  • How to eat ‘Gohan-desuyo’

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Gohan-desuyo’ in Japan

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What is ‘Gohan-desuyo’

quotation source :https://www.momoya.co.jp/gohan-ume/smt/

‘Gohan-desuyo’ is very famous food in Japan. It’s seaweed boiled with soy sauce, sugar, and syrup. The color is dark purple. Name is coming from ‘Gohan’ as white rice. People eat it with white rice. A glass bottle with multi colored label is the trademark of ‘Gohan-desuyo’.

Basic knowledge of ’Gohan-desuyo’

  • Famous food in Japan
  • Seaweed, boiled with sugar, soy sauce, syrup
  • The color of product is dark purple
  • Glass bottle with colorful label is trademark

Really nice to eat ‘Gohan-desuyo’ with white rice !

History of ‘Gohan-desuyo’

quotation source :https://www.momoya.co.jp/products/detail/2/secretstory/

In 1950, producer, Momoya released ‘Edo Murasaki’ as prototype of ‘Gohan-desuyo’. In 1973, with some improvements, Momoya started sales of ‘Gohan-desuyo’. In 1970’s-80’s, TV commercial with unique character of Momoya made impact on the viewers.

History of ‘Gohan-desuyo’

  • 1950 Edo Murasaki released as prototype
  • 1973 Gohan-desuyo was released
  • TV commercial broadcasted with unique character
  • Gohan-desuyo got popularity in 1970’s-80’s

‘Gohan-desuyo’ has history appropriately 50 years in Japan !

How to eat ‘Gohan-desuyo’

quotation source :https://www.momoya.co.jp/recipe/search/page/2/?product=2

Needless to say, the best partner of ‘Gohan-desuyo’ is white rice. However, producer Momoya suggests various recipes to consumers through their website, with bread, noodles, egg, shellfish dishes, etc. We can find various menu in recipes sites. ‘Gohan-desuyo’ is used in various cuisines in Japan.

How to eat ‘Gohan-desuyo’

  • With white rice
  • Other than white rice
    • Noodles western / Japanese
    • Fried Egg
    • Shellfish dishes
    • Soup, etc

‘Gohan-desuyo’ is available for various cuisines !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Gohan-desuyo’ in Japan

  • Boiled seaweeds, seasoning with soy sauce
  • Started sales in 1973
  • Mainly for white rice, and various recipes are available


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Really nice to eat with white rice.