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What is ‘Hakata no Shio’

quotation source : https://www.hakatanoshio.co.jp/sp/product/lineup/dry.html

‘Hakata no Shio’ is very famous brand of salt in Japan. Hakata is the name of place in Ehime prefecture and Shio means salt. This brand is getting popular with impressive TV commercial, ‘Ha Ka Ta No Shio’. Raw material of salt is imported from Mexico and Australia.

Basic knowledge of ’Hakata no Shio’

  • Famous brand of salt in Japan
  • Factories are in Ehime prefecture
  • Popular sound, ‘Ha Ka Ta No Shio’
  • Raw material is imported from Mexico & Australia

‘Ha Ka Ta No Shio’ is very famous phase in Japan

History of ‘Hakata no Shio’

quotation source : https://www.hakatanoshio.co.jp/sp/trivia/about-logo/

Hakata Island was a special production area of salt long time. In 1971, natural style salt mill was prohibited by the government. In 1973, after getting approval of government, to make natural salt, ‘Hakata no Shio’ was established and released in Japanese market.

History of ‘Hakata no Shio’

  • 1971 Prohibited old style salt mill
  • 1973 Established ‘Hakata no Shio’
  • 1973 Started sales of Hakata no Shio
  • 1983 Started sales all over Japan
  • 1987 Started to use in Sumo in Tokyo

Sumo Wrestler through ‘Hakata no Shio’ before the match !

Factory Tour of ‘Hakata no Shio’

quotation source : https://www.hakatanoshio.co.jp/sp/thought/

Although it’s suspended due to COVID-19, we can have factory tour of Hakata no Shio usually. We can study there, how to make Hakata no Shio, and have experience of making salt. Hakata no Shio soft ice cream is popular there. And we can buy salt made with very traditional way, at the factory.

More information about ‘Hakata no Shio’

  • Factory tour in Ehime factory
  • Study by observation of factory
  • Experience to make salt
  • Hakata no Shio soft ice cream there

I want to go Factory Tour of ‘Hakata no Shio’ someday !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Hakata no Shio’ in Japan

  • Very famous brand of salt
  • Used in Sumo Wrestling in Japan
  • Started sales in 1973
  • Manufacture is located in Ehime prefecture, Factory tour there


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‘Hakata no Shio’ is standard item in Japanese life. Actually, I always have stock in my kitchen. I suppose that this product is essential for Japanese cuisine. We can get it easily in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.


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