Kadoya’s Goma Abura | Very popular Sesame oil as essential item for Japanese cuisine, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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What is ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’

quotation source : https://www.kadoya.com/enjoy/page03_2.html

’Kadoya no Goma Abura’ is very famous long seller product in Japan. ‘Kadoya’ is brand name and ‘Goma Abura’ means sesame oil. This product has approximately 50% of share in Japanese market of sesame oil. So sesame oil is about ‘Kadoya’ in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ’Kadoya’s Goma Abura’

  • Most famous sesame oil in Japan
  • ‘Kadoya’ is brand name
  • ‘Goma Abura’ means ‘Sesame Oil’
  • Approximately 50% of market share of sesame oil

‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’ is the most popular sesame oil in Japan !

History of ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’

quotation source : https://www.kadoya.com/number/

Kadoya was established in 1858 in Shodo-Shima islands, where is a famous production area of sesame oil in Japan. In 1962, factory in Shodo-Shima island was expanded. In 2020, new factory is established in Chiba prefecture. The business is still developing with strong support of consumers.

History of ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’

  • In 1858 Established in Shodo-Shima island
  • In 1957 Established Tokyo head office
  • In 1962 Expanded factory in Shodo-Shima island
  • In 2016 Got Haral certificate
  • In 2020 New factory established in Chiba

‘Kadoya’ has long history more than 150 years !

Special Features of ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’

quotation source : https://dancyu.jp/recipe/2019_00002214.html

‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’ as sesame oil is essential item for Japanese cuisine. It’s used for deep fry food, stir fry food, and sometimes putting on salad. In cooking of food with ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’, nice smells is spread into the kitchen. It always make us hungry.

More information about ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’

  • Use of ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’
    • Deep fry food
    • Stir fry food
    • Topping on Salad , etc
  • Specific points of ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’
    • Smelling nice
    • Antioxidant ingredient

I would recommend you to try to cook with ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’ in Japan

  • Most famous sesame oil in Japan
  • Manufactured by KADOYA
  • Established in 1858
  • Yellow colored label is the trademark
  • Useful to cook Japanese cuisines, fry food, stir fry food, salads, etc


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‘Kadoya’s Goma Abura’ is standard item in Japanese life. Actually, I always have stock in my kitchen. The taste of this product is essential for Japanese cuisine. We can get it easily in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.


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