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  • Line-up of ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ in Japan

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What is ‘kewpie mayonnaise’

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‘kewpie mayonnaise’ is very famous mayonnaise in Japan, which has very large share in Japanese market, more than 60% for home usage. ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ is in a soft plastic bottle, not in a glass. ‘kewpie’ as naked baby is a trademark of this product.

Basic knowledge of ‘kewpie mayonnaise’

  • Mayonnaise with No.1 share in Japanese market
  • Products is in the soft plastic bottle
  • ’kewpie’ is a trademark of this product
  • Get it easily in supermarket, convenience stores, etc

Please try Japanese ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ !

History of ‘kewpie mayonnaise’

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In 1925, ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ was developed as first mayonnaise product in Japan, by Mr. Touichiro Nakashima. Originally, product was packed in glass bottles, however, in 1958, it was changed to soft plastic bottle. In 1962, became a sponsor of TV program ‘Kewpie 3 minutes cooking’, which is still broadcasted.

History of ‘kewpie mayonnaise’

  • 1925 started sales of kewpie mayonnaise
  • 1943 Suspended production
  • 1948 Re-started production
  • 1958 Package changed from glass to plastic bottle
  • 1962 Famous TV program, ‘kewpie 3 minutes cooking’ was started

Everybody know ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ in Japan from elder to younger !

Line-up of ‘kewpie mayonnaise’

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The producer, ‘kewpie’ provide various kind of mayonnaise In Japanese market, calorie controlled, 50% less, 80% less, cutting down cholesterol, non-egg mayonnaise, with mustard, etc. These products contribute to kewpie to keep higher share in Japanese market.

Various products of ‘kewpie mayonnaise ’

  • Variety of size of standard ‘kewpie mayonnaise’
  • Variety of mayonnaise by kewpie
    • Calorie 50% off
    • Calorie 80% off
    • Non cholesterols
    • Non egg usage mayonnaise
    • with mustard

‘kewpie mayonnaise’ has products for health caring People !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘kewpie mayonnaise’ in Japan

  • Very famous Mayonnaise with No.1 share in Japan
  • Manufactured by kewpie
  • Started sales in 1925
  • The baby, ‘Kewpie’ is the trademark of the products


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kewpie mayonnaise is very popular item for Japanese in daily life. Actually, I always have a stock and use it for various foods. The taste is different from mayonnaise in western countries. I feel sour taste slightly in kewpie mayonnaise, I like it.


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