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  • Various products of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’ in Japan
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What is ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’

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‘Kikkoman Shoyu’ is most famous soy sauce in Japan. Shoyu means ‘soy sauce’ and ‘Kikkoman’ is the company name.’ Kikkoman’ has largest share, around 30%, in Japanese soy sauce market. ‘Kikko (turtle shell, Hexagon)’ & ‘Man (in Kanji word)’ is the trademark of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’.

Basic knowledge of ’Kikkoman Shoyu’

  • Very famous Soy sauce in Japan
  • Kikkoman is a name of manufacturer
  • Largest share, approximately 30% in Japan
  • The logo Kikko + Man is trademark

Soy Sauce is essential item in Japanese life.

History of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’

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In 1917, a company as predecessor of ‘Kikkoman’ was established in Noda in Chiba, where is the . major production area of soy sauce. In 1925, unified 4 Shoyu manufacturer in Noda area, and 1927, brand name of soy sauce was fixed as Kikkoman. In 1961, great design, Glass bottle soy sauce was released.

History of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’

  • 1917 Predecessor company established
  • 1927 Brand name changed to ‘Kikkoman’
  • 1949 Registered in stock market
  • 1961 Glass soy sauce bottle was released
  • 2018 Glass bottle registered as 3D trademark

‘Kikkoman Shoyu’ has approximately 100 years of history in Japan !

Various Products of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’

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‘Kikkoman’ make various kinds of soy sauce in Japanese market, different colors (dark, light, white), concentration of salt, purpose and ingredients, packages, etc. We can buy various products of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’ , as per purpose and situation, in supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

Various types of ‘Kikkoman Shoyu’

  • Various options of ‘Kikkoman’ in Japan
    • Package and size
    • Colors of soy sauce
    • Concentration of salt
    • Purpose (for Sashimi)
    • Adding ingredients (kelp, skipjack, oyster, etc)

Various Soy Sauces are available in Kikkoman products !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

‘Kikkoman Shoyu’ in Japan

  • Soy sauce with largest share in Japan
  • Products are with Hexagonal Trademark
  • Started sales with name of ‘Kikkoman’ in 1927
  • Variety of line-up, volume, purpose, adding ingredients, etc


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‘Kikkoman shoyu’ is standard item in Japanese life. Actually, I always have stock in my kitchen. I suppose that this product is essential for Japanese cuisine. I really like design of glass bottle of Kikkoman Shoyu. It remains unchanged since my childhood.


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