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What is ‘Noritama’

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‘Noritama’ is one of the very popular ‘Furikake’ in Japan. ‘Furikake’ is very popular food, dried seasoning powder for topping on white rice. Approximately 100,000 packages of Noritama are produced per day and supplied to the market.

Basic knowledge of ‘Noritama’

  • Very popular ‘Furikake’ in Japan
  • Eating with topping on white rice
  • 100,000 packages per day of production
  • Easy to get in supermarkets, convenience stores
  • Reasonable price, approx JPY 120 per package

‘Noritama’ is best partner of white rice

History of ‘Noritama’

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The product as root of Noritama, ‘Korewa Umai’ was made in 1927. After the WWII, producer, Marumiya made improvements and develop it to ‘Noritama’ First Noritama was in store in 1960. Since starting sales, with some improvements, this product keep high popularity in the market.

History of ‘Noritama’

  • 1927 Prototype, ‘Korewa Urai’ started sales
  • 1960 ‘Noritama’ started sales
  • 1969 1st upgrade (improve of package)
  • 1981 2nd update (Reduced salt)
  • 1991, 1996 3rd, 4th update (Improve egg powder)
  • 2003 5th update (Increase egg)
  • 2010, 2015 6th, 7th update (Rebalanced)

‘Noritama’ is long-seller more than 60 years !

Ingredients of ‘Noritama’

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Noritama is mainly made from’Nori’ as seaweed, and ‘Tamago’ as egg. Other than that, there are various ingredients, sesame seeds, chicken, sugar, salt, dried mackerel, powdered green tea. The harmony of these ingredients is really excellent. It’s worth a try.

Ingredients of Noritama

  • Nori, as seaweed
  • Tama, as tamago = egg (small egg ball)
  • Sesame seeds
  • Chicken
  • Salt, sugar, powdered green tea, soy sauce
  • Koshi An, as red beans paste

‘Noritama’ consists of various ingredients !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Noritama’ in Japan

  • Very popular ‘Furikake’ as seasoning powder for white rice
  • Manufactured by Marumiya
  • Started sales in 1960
  • Made from egg, seaweeds, chicken, salt, sugar, green tea, soy sauce, etc


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Noritama is good partner of Japanese staple food, white rice. As we can get it very easily at supermarkets, convenience stores with reasonable price. So if you have an opportunity to eat white rice, please try to have it with ‘Noritama’, in your stay in Japan.


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