What is Ochazuke Nori by Nagatanien ? | 10 things to know about Ochazuke Nori

‘Ochazuke Nori’ is very popular food products in Japan.

Although there are various brands of ‘Ochazuke Nori’ in Japanese market, today, I would like to introduce ‘Ochazuke Nori by Nagatanien’ as No.1 brand in Japan.

You can understand real Japanese eating habit with learning about Ochazuke Nori.

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10 things to know about ‘Ochazuke Nori’ by Nagatanien

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In this paragraph, I would like to introduce ‘Ochazuke Nori’ to you. Let me explain 10 things to know about this item, so that you can get knowledge easily and smoothly.

Please kindly open items what you want to know, from 10 things.

‘Ozhazuke Nori’ consists of two words, ‘Ochazuke’ + ‘Nori’

‘Ochazuke’ is name of Japanese cuisine, white rice soaked with tea. And ‘Nori’ means seaweed. We can eat ‘Ochazuke’ very easily, with ‘Ochazuke Nori’ .

Putting ‘Ochazuke Nori’ in white rice, then soak with tea.

Reference : https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/word/茶漬/

Nagatanien is very famous food manufacturer in Japan.

‘Ochazuke Nori’ is one of core products of ‘Nagatanien’. Other than ‘Ochazuke Nori’, Nagatanien make various food products, ‘Furikake’ as seasoning powders for white rice, instant Miso soup, flavoring for Sushi, etc.

We can see commercial films of Nagatanien on various TV programs.

Reference : Nagatanien webpage

‘Ochazuke Nori’ is available in various places in Japan

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Drugstores

Author’s research in Yokohama city

The price of ‘Ochazuke Nori’ is around JPY 260 per package.

  • Normal Ochazuke Nori (8 bags)
  • Sake-Chazuke (6 bags)
  • Umeboshi-Chazuke (6 bags)
  • Wasabi-Chazuke (6 bags)
  • Tarako-Chazuke (6 bags)

Author’s research in Yokohama city

‘Ochazuke Nori’ has 70 years of history in Japan.

  • 1952 Released by Nagatani-en
  • 1970 ‘Sake Chazuke’ was released (Sake=Salmon)
  • 1972 ‘Umeboshi Chazuke’ was released
  • 2012 Total sales over 14 billion package

‘Ochazuke Nori’ was released in 1952 by Nagatani-En. As competitors released similar products, ‘Ochazuke Nori’ became common noun in Japan.

Reference : nagatanien webpage

There are mainly 4 types of ‘Ochazuke Nori’ as products of Nagatanien in Japan

  • Normal
  • Sake-Chazuke (Salmon)
  • Umeboshi-Chazuke (Japanese pickled plum)
  • Wasabi-Chazuke
  • Tarako-Chazuke (Cod Roe)

Reference : nagatanien webpage

There are special ‘Ochazuke Nori’ in limited areas in Japan. Local products are used as ingredients of ‘Ochazuke Nori’ in each areas.

It is nice as souvenirs to family, friends, in domestic travel in Japan.

  • ‘Uni & Kani’ in Hokkaido (sea urchin & crab)
  • ’Hida Gyu’ in Gifu (Hida beef)
  • ’Nozawa-na’ in Nagano (Nozawana green)
  • ’Ebi & Buri’ in Hokuriku (shrimp & yellowtail)
  • ‘Shinzaike & Mibuna’ in Kyoto (Kyoto pickles)
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Reference : nagatanien webpage

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The colors are coming from Kabuki as Japanese traditional theater.

The package of Ochazuke Nori consists of Red, Yellow, Black, Green. The founder of Nagatanien, Mr. Yoshio Nagatani designed this package with reference to curtain of Kabuki.

Reference : https://www.nagatanien.co.jp/faq/lst/category/product/1/

Ochazuke is generally with Hot Green Tea.

However, in this Nagatanien’s products, powdered green tea is included. So we can eat Ochazuke with hot water. In summer, cold water is good to eat Ochazuke.

We can pour Green tea, indeed.

Reference : https://www.nagatanien.co.jp/faq/lst/category/product/1/

‘Ochazuke Nori is made from following ingredients.

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Green Tea powder
  • Powdered Kelp
  • Rice Cookie (Arare)
  • Seaweed
  • Amino Acid

Sauce : https://www.nagatanien.co.jp/product/detail/1/


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