Yukari | Popular ‘Furikake’ Seasoning powder in Japan, very nice for white rice, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Yukari’, as long seller products in Japan

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What is ‘Yukari’

quotation source :https://item.rakuten.co.jp/mishimashop2/10000124/

‘Yukari’ is very popular ‘Furikake’, as seasoning powder for white rice, in Japan. ‘Yukari’ is with sour flavor of Shiso, Japanese herb. The color of ‘Yukari powder’ is purple, as color of Shiso. Purple package with red and green line is the trademark of ‘Yukari’.

Basic knowledge of ‘Yukari ’

  • Famous seasoning powder for white rice
  • Sour flavor of Shiso (Japanese herb)
  • Color of Yukari powder is purple
  • Package is also purple as trademark of ‘Yukari’

Shiso Flavor of ‘Yukari’ is nice for white rice !

History of ‘Yukari’

quotation source :https://www.mishima.co.jp/study/package/

Producer, Mishima started sales of ‘Yukari’ in 1970. Initially, ‘Yukari’ was for business use, not for general consumers. In 1973, Mishima started sales of ‘Yukari’ in retailers. Since 1985, basic design of package remains unchanged. So purple colored package of ‘Yukari’ is getting popular in Japan.

History of ‘Yukari’

  • 1970 Started sales for business use
  • 1973 Started sales for general consumers
  • 1975 Started sales of designed package
  • 1985 Packages changed, similar to current one

‘Yukari’ is one of very popular ‘Furikake’ products in Japan long time !

Variety in Product of ‘Yukari’

quotation source :https://www.mishima.co.jp/product/yukari/

With strong support by consumers, there are many kinds of ‘Yukari’ in Japanese market. Especially, ‘Yukari’ pencil type is very unique. Basically, all of products are Shiso flavor. With mixed up with other ingredients, there are slight difference between each products.

Various kinds of ‘Yukari’

  • Yukari with salted plum
  • Yukari with sesames
  • Yukari with ginger
  • Yukari with salted green leaves
  • Yukari pencil type

Purple colored package is the trademark of ‘Yukari’ !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Yukari’ in Japan

  • Famous seasoning powder for white rice, with Shiso flavor
  • Manufactured by Mishima
  • Started sales in 1970
  • Variety of ‘Yukari’ products, with sesames, gingers, salted green leaves, etc


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‘Yukari’ is very nice for me to eat with white rice. I always have stock in my desk in my working place, to have it in lunch time. And ‘Yukari’ is nice to eat with pasta, I really like very fresh flavor of ‘Yukari’.


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