[TOP 5] Shrimp dishes in Japan / How Japanese eat shrimps

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I heard Japanese eat shrimp well.


Yes, it is !


I want to try to some of them !


O.K, I would like to introduce popular dishes of shrimp in Japan !

With reading of this page, you will get above listed knowledges as well as Japanese have. I will be very glad if you could read this article to the end.

Thank you !


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Shrimp is one of very popular ingredients of SUSHI in Japan. We call shrimps as ‘EBI’ in Japanese. We can eat SUSHI both of boiled and raw shrimps. ‘EBI SUSHI’ is popular from children to elder.

We can eat raw shrimp as SASHIMI. The price of shrimp is various, it depends on type of shrimps. Some kind of shrimp are really expensive, like ISE-EBI.


I like EBI SUSHI very much !


Tempura is one of traditional food in Japan. And shrimp is very popular ingredients. We eat Tempura of shrimp with ‘Ten-Tsuyu’ as dip soup, or salt.

Japanese eat Tempura on top of rice on the bowl. We call it as ‘Ten-Don’. And Tempura is topping on ‘Soba’ noodles, it is called as ‘Tempura Soba’.

Shrimp is essential item for both foods.


TEN-DON is really nice for me !

EBI Furai (Fried shrimp)

‘EBI FURAI’, as fried shrimp is very popular in Japan. Japanese eat ‘EBI FURAI’ at both of restaurants and home cooking. ‘EBI FURAI’ is speciality food of NAGOYA area.

‘EBI FURAI’ is good to eat with various dip sauces, soy sauce, Tartar sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Japanese brown ‘sauce’, etc.


People in Nagoya call it as ‘EBI Furyaaa’ !

Ebi Chili

Ebi Chili is name of cuisine. It is stir-fried shrimps with sweet and chili sauce. This is originally from Chinese cuisine. We can eat it Chinese restaurant or home cooking.

Orange and red sauce of ‘EBI Chili’ sharpen our appetite very well.


Combination of Ebi Chili and White Rice is really nice !


‘EBI Sen’ is abbreviation of ‘EBI Sembei’. ‘Sembei’ means rice cracker. ‘EBI Sen’ is kind of rice cracker, made with shrimps.

‘EBI Sen’ generally have much flavor of shrimp. It’s very popular in Japan as snack and light meal.


Please try ‘EBI Sen’ !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article.

TOP 5 shrimp dishes in Japan

  • EBI FURAI (Fried shrimps)
  • EBI CHILI (Chinese cuisine)
  • EBI SEN (Rice Cracker from shrimp)


Shrimp is very popular in Japan !

Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !


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