Bacchus & Rummy | Famous chocolate in Japan, contains liquor, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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  • Alcohol degree of ‘Bacchus and Rummy’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Bacchus and Rummy’ as chocolate, in which contain some liquor, in Japan.

You may get knowledge about ‘Bacchus and Rummy’ as long seller products in Japan , after reading of this article.


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What is ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’

‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’ are very famous chocolate in Japan. In both products, western liquor are contained. So it’s not recommended for children and pregnant women, to have these products. To keep quality of products, ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’ are sold in winter only. ‘Bacchus’ is in green package and Rummy is in red package, which are well known in Japanese market.

Basic knowledge of ‘Bacchus & Rummy’

  • Very famous chocolates in Japan
  • These products contain western liquor
  • On sales in winter season only
  • Package of Bacchus is green, Rummy is red

When I see ‘Bacchus and Rummy’ in the store, I feel winter is coming !

History of ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’

Producer, Lotte started production of chocolate in 1964 with ¥70 per package. In same year, sales of ‘Bacchus’ was started. In next year, 1965, sales of ‘Rummy’ was started with ¥50 per package. In several updates, both products got high popularity. In 2020, package was updated, with reduction of volume, to keep selling price and quality of products. As of 2020-21 season, ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’ are sold with price around ¥200 per package.

History of ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’

  • 1964 Started sales of ‘Bacchus’ , ¥70 per package
  • 1965 Started sales of ‘Rummy’ , ¥50 per package
  • In 2020, package and volume was changed
  • As of 2020-21, the price of ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’ are around ¥200

‘Bacchus and Rummy’ has long history in Japan, more than 50 years !

Alcohol degree of ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’

‘Bacchus’ contains brandy inside of the chocolates. And 60% of brandy is cognac, with which ‘Bacchus’ provides very rich taste to consumers. Alcohol degree of Bacchus is 3.2%. And ‘Rummy’ contains rum raisins, which is very juicy. Alcohol degree of ‘Rummy’ is 3.7%. Although ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’ contains alcohol, we can get it easily at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

More information about ‘Bacchus’ & ‘Rummy’

  • Bacchus contains brandy, mainly cognac
  • Alcohol degree of Bacchus is 3.2%
  • Rummy contains rum raisins
  • Alcohol degree of Rummy is 3.7%

I prefer ‘Bacchus’, frankly speaking !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Bacchus and Rummy’ in Japan

  • Long seller chocolate, available only in winter season
  • Started sales in 1964 for ‘Bucchus’, in 1965 for ‘Rummy’
  • With 3.2% of alcohol degree in ‘Bucchus’ 3.7% in ‘Rummy’


Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !