The 5 Best Corn Snacks in Japan | Japanese Webmaster’s Choice !

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  • Japanese popular Corn Snacks
  • Features of each products
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Criteria for Selection

  • Easy to Get
    • Available at Supermarkets
    • Reasonable Price, less than ¥250
  • Popularity
    • Well known among Japanese people
    • Long seller in Japanese market

Please have a look at my selection !

Tongari Corn

Quotation Sauce:House Foods webpage

‘Tongari Corn’ is very popular corn snack, produced by House foods. It’s with cone shape and in the hexagonal column box.

There are various flavors of ‘Tongari Corn’. There are two main flavors, ‘Assari Shio’ as light salty flavor, ‘Yaki Tomorokoshi’ as soy sauce.

  • Producer is House Foods
  • In Hexagonal column box
  • With Cone Shape
  • Various Flavors available
    • Yaki Tomorokoshi (Soy Sauce)
    • Assari Shio (Salt)
    • Butter and Soy Sauce (New in 2022)
    • Others (Seasonable, Limited time)

Caramel Corn

Quotation Sauce:Tohato webpage

‘Caramel Corn’ is produced by Tohato. It’s corn snacks with caramel coating. It is Sweet and salt flavor and peanuts are packed together. 

‘Caramel Corn’ has long history, more than 50 years. This product is supported by Japanese consumers long time.

  • Producer is Tohato
  • Corn snack with caramel coating
  • Salty Peanuts are included in package
  • Package was drastically renewed in 2003
  • Package itself is characterized as ‘Caramel Corn Kun’


Quotation Sauce:Yaokin twitter

‘Umaibo’ is cylindrical shaped corn snacks by Yaokin. It’s very popular because of its price. ‘Umaibo’ is sold with JPY 10 per stick long time. 

There are variety of flavors, Cheese, Takoyaki, Teriyaki Burger, Natto, Salad, Corn pottage, Yakitori, etc.

  • Producer is Yaokin
  • Price increased from ¥10 to ¥12 in 2022
  • Character is not ‘Draemon’
  • So many Flavors available
    • Corn Pottage
    • Cheese
    • Mentai (Spicy Pollack Roe)
    • Takoyaki
    • Yasai Salad (Vegetable Salad)
    • etc etc

Cabbage-Taro (Kyabetsu Taro)

Quotation Sauce:Yaokin webpage

‘Cabbage-Taro’ is ball shaped corn snack in Japan, by Yaokin. It’s with strong taste sauce and seaweeds powder. 

‘Cabbage-Taro’ doesn’t contain cabbage. The name is from its shape.

  • Producer is Yaokin
  • The shape seems Cabbage
  • Seasonings with brown powdered sauce and seaweeds
  • The Character is police of frog


Quotation Sauce:Meiji webpage

‘Karl’ is corn snack by Meiji, mainly sold in western Japan. It was sold in all over Japan. However, sales area was getting smaller, to keep profit. 

The character, ‘Karl Ojisan’ is well known in Japan mainly elder people. This character is printed on the package.

  • Producer is Meiji
  • ‘Karl Ojisan’ is well known in elder generations
  • Sales suspended in Eastern Japan
  • Two Flavors available
    • Cheese
    • Usu-Aji (Salt)


This is the end of article. In the end, let me summarize my recommendation as follows. I hope you can find your favorite one from the list !

The 5 Best Corn Snacks in Japan
  • TONGARI Corn
  • Caramel Corn
  • Cabbage-Taro (Kyabetsu-Taro)
  • Karl (Western Japan only)

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