Glico | Very famous caramel in Japan, with which we can run 300 meters !, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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  • Small toys with ‘glico’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘glico’ as long seller products in Japan.

You may get knowledge of ‘glico’, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘Glico’

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‘Glico’ is very famous caramel in Japan. The name is coming from Glycogen. ‘Glico’ contains much glycogen. The catchphrase of ‘Glico’ is ‘300 meters per piece of Glico’ (One piece of Glico has energy to run 300m). ‘Goal-in-mark’ is the trademark of ‘Glico’, which is well known in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ‘Glico’

  • Very famous caramel candy in Japan
  • Containing much glycogen
  • 300 meter per piece is the catchphrase
  • Goal-in-mark is the trademark of Glico

Everybody knows glico, in Japan !

History of ‘Glico’

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In 1921, Mr. Riichi Ezaki created Glico. In 1922, Sales of Glico was started in Osaka city. As Glico was sold in Mitsukoshi, as reliable department store, sales was succeeded. In 1929, small toy gift box was put with Glico, which is supported by children and sales was increased. Glico becomes name of company of producer.

History of ‘Glico’

  • 1922 Started sales of Glico in Osaka city
  • 1929 Small toy gift box adding to Glico
  • 1955 Almond Glico was released (no toy box)
  • 2022 100th anniversary

‘glico’ has very long history in Japan, approximately 100 years !

Small Toys with ‘Glico’

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Free small toy box is one of the sales point of ‘Glico’. It was started in 1929. There are 30,000 kinds, 5.5 billion pieces of toys were distributed with ‘Glico’. Initially, toy was made by paper, then changed to plastic and wood. In 2017, linkage with smartphone application was started. Glico’s toy was developed year by year, more than 80 years.

More information about ‘Glico’

  • Free small toy box is with Glico since 1929
  • There were 30,000 toys and 5.5 billion toys in total
  • Plastic, wood, paper toys distributed
  • Since 2017, toys are linked with smartphone application

The Toys of ‘glico’ are nice for babies and children !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘glico’ in Japan

  • Famous caramel candy in Japan, with energy to run 300m per piece
  • Started sales in 1922
  • Free toy box is attached with glico package


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Glico is very famous caramel candy in Japan. I often had Glico when I was a child. I feel that Glico give me energy more than other candies. I suppose that most of Japanese have same feeling, as the catchphrase is well known in Japan.


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