Kabukiage | Famous Rice Cracker in Japan, with soy sauce flavor, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Kabukiage’ as long seller product in Japan.

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What is ‘Kabukiage’

‘Kabukiage’ is very famous food in Japan. It’s kind of cracker, made from rice. ‘Kabukiage’ is with seasoning of soy sauce and sugar. The mouth feeling of ‘Kabukiage’ is very crispy but not so hard. The Kabuki colored package (Moegi as green, Kaki as orange, and black) is the trademark of ‘Kabukiage’. It’s available at supermarkets, convenience stores etc.

Basic knowledge of ‘Kabukiage’

  • Very famous rice cracker in Japan
  • Seasoning with soy sauce, and sugar mainly
  • Kabuki colored package is the trademark
  • Available at supermarkets, convenience stores etc

Seasoning of ‘Kabukiage’ is typical Japanese flavor. I like it!

History of ‘Kabukiage’

The producer, Amanoya was established in 1953 in Tokyo. And in 1960, Amanoya started sales of ‘Kabukiage’ there. Initially, ‘Kabukiage’ was sold by volume at the counter. In 1971, Amanoya started sales of ‘Kabukiage’ with plastic film package. ‘Kabukiage’ is mainly sold in eastern part of Japan, as factories are located there.

History of ‘Kabukiage’

  • 1960 Amanoya started sales of Kabukiage
  • Initially, sold by weight, at the counter
  • 1971 Amanoya started sales of Kabukiage with plastic film package
  • Large sales in eastern part of Japan

‘Kabukiage’ has long history more than 60 years !

Bits of Knowledge about ‘Kabukiage’

Quote sauce : https://www.e-amanoya.co.jp/commitment/#anchor01

‘Kabukiage’ is mainly with round shape. And there are square shaped ‘Kabukiage’ in the same package with small ratio. Although It’s very difficult to recognize it, however, on the surface of ‘Kabukiage’, ‘Kamon’ as family crest is engraved. In the past, ‘Kabukiage’ was more harder. In update of manufacturing methods, visibility of patterns was decreased.

More information about ‘Kabukiage’

  • Majority is round shape, and few square shape in package
  • Some patterns are engraved
  • Kamon, as family crest is on surface of Kabukiage
  • In the past, Kabukiage was more harder and with high visibility of patterns

There are only few pieces of Square shaped ‘Kabukiage’ in a package !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kabukiage’ in Japan

  • Very famous rice cracker in Japan
  • Started sales in 1960
  • Squared shape cracker is rare to find


Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !


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