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What is ‘Kakino Tane’

‘Kakino Tane’ is kind of rice crackers in Japan. The word, ‘Kakino Tane’ itself means ‘seed of persimmon’. It comes from that its shape is similar to seed of persimmon. Generally, Kakino Tane is eaten with peanuts, which is called ‘Kaki-P’ and very popular in Japan.

Basic knowledge of ‘Kakino Tane’

  • Kind of rice cracker
  • Coated with soy sauce and pepper
  • Kaki means persimmon, Tane means seed
  • The Shape looks like seed of persimmon
  • Eaten with peanuts which is called Kaki-P

‘Kakino Tane’ and Peanuts is very nice combination !

History of ‘Kakino Tane’

quotation source : https://naniwayaseika.co.jp/kakinotane/k10-柿の種進物缶/

In 1925, first ‘Kakino Tane’ was sold in Niigata. As producer, Naniwaya didn’t make trademark registration, many producer made ‘Kakino Tane’. As a result, it became general noun in Japan. In 1966, Kameda sold first Kaki-P in Japan, which made Kameda having number one share in ‘Kakino Tane’ market in Japan.

History of ‘Kakino Tane’

  • 1925 First Kakino Tane was sold
  • 1966 First Kaki-P was sold
  • 1977 Pocket size package was hit
  • 2017 Certified by JAXA as space food

‘Kakino Tane’ has long history, approximately 100 years in Japan !

Various Flavors of ‘Kakino Tane’

quotation source : https://www.toyosu.co.jp/kakitanekitchen/

The standard flavor of ‘Kakino Tane’ is pepper and soy sauce. Although majority of ‘Kakino Tane’ is standard type, there are many kinds of ‘Kakino Tane’ in Japanese market. Some is sweet, and others are hot, with different peppers. We can enjoy various flavors of ‘Kakino Tane’ in Japan.

Various flavors of ‘Kakino Tane’

  • Pepper and soy sauce
  • Wasabi
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Ume-Shiso as salted plum and Shiso herb

Recommend you to try various ‘Kakino Tane’ !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Kakino Tane’ in Japan

  • Kind of rice cracker, coated with soy sauce and pepper
  • Started sales in 1925 in Niigata
  • Various flavors in the market, Pepper, Wasabi, chocolate, cheese, etc


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