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In this page, I would like to write article about ‘milky’ as very famous long seller products in Japan.

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What is ‘Milky’

‘Milky’ is very famous candy in Japan. It’s kind of soft candy, who has milk flavor. ‘Milky’ is produced by Fujiya. On the package of Milky, the very famous smiley girl, ‘Peko Chan’ is printed as character of Fujiya. Each piece of ‘Milky’ is covered by paper, on which ‘Peko Chan’ is printed too. ‘Milky’ is available at supermarkets, Kiosks, etc.

Basic knowledge of ‘Milky’

  • Very famous soft candy with milky flavor, in Japan
  • Manufacturer is Fujiya
  • Smiley girl, Peko Chan is printed on package and coverage
  • Available at supermarkets, Kiosks, etc

Please try ‘milky’ when you have opportunity to come to Japan !

History of ‘Milky’

The founder of Fujiya, Mr. Rinyemon Fuii developed and started sales of ‘Milky’ in 1951. The sales of ‘Milky’ was initially in Ginza, in Tokyo. Then, sales area is expanded to other area, as well as Fujiya as confectionery was developed in Japan. With TV commercial with the catchphrase, ‘Milky is mama’s taste’, ‘Milky’ got high popularity in Japanese market.

History of ‘Milky’

  • 1952 Started sales of Milky in Japan
  • Initially, sales was in Tokyo, then, expanded to all over Japan
  • TV commercial was broadcasted long time
  • The phase, ‘Milky is mammy’s taste’ is well known in Japan

‘milky’ is long seller in Japan, with history more than 50 years !

Variety in products of ‘Milky’

Quotation sauce:

There are some kind of ‘Milky’ in Japanese market. Other than milk Milky, Milky with peach flavor is available in the supermarkets. And there’s ‘Milky chocolate’ in the market. And in some area, there are local Milky products, which is sold in very limited areas. ‘Strawberry Milky’ are in Tochigi and Kyushu area, and ‘Matcha Milky’ is in Kyoto. ‘Sea salt Milky’ is in some aquariums in Japan.

More information about Milky

  • Various products of Milky
    • Milky peach flavor
    • Milky chocolate
  • Local products of Milky
    • Strawberry Milky in Tochigi (Tochi Otome)
    • Strawberry Milky in Kyushu (Amao)
    • Sea salt Milky in aquarium

There are various ‘milky’ in various cities in Japan !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is milky

  • Soft candy, products of Fujiya in Japan
  • The famous character, ‘Peko-chan’ on package
  • Started sales in 1952
  • with Various flavor, milk, strawberry, chocolate
  • Area limited ‘milky’ in Kyoto, Tochigi, Kyushu, etc


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