Morinaga Ramune | Most popular Ramune candy in Japan, in green plastic bottle, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Morinaga Ramune’ in Japan

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What is ‘Morinaga Ramune’

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Morinaga Ramune is long seller food in Japan. Morinaga is name of producer and Ramune is name of food. Ramune in Japanese word has two different meanings, drink and soft candy. Morinaga Ramune is kind of soft candy. Green plastic bottle is the trademark of Morinaga Ramune.

Basic knowledge of ’Morinaga Ramune’

  • Famous food in Japan, by Morinaga
  • Kind of soft candy, not a Ramune drink
  • Green Plastic Bottle is a trademark
  • Refresh flavor

Green plastic bottle is the trademark of ‘Morinaga Ramune’!

History of ‘Morinaga Ramune’

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Producer, Morinaga started sales of Ramune in 1973. This product was supported by children firstly. In declining of birth rate, Morinaga is trying to develop new flavors which is not only for children, but also for adults. Now, Morinaga Ramune is popular for all generation.

History of ‘Morinaga Ramune’

  • 1973 Started sales of Motinaga Ramune
  • 1980’s 5 flavors (cola, lemon, yogurt, etc)
  • 1990’s 7 flavors (apple, peach Soda, etc)
  • 2000’s 9 flavors (pineapple, strawberry, etc)
  • 2010’s more than 10 flavors (cream Soda, etc)

‘Morinaga Ramune’ has long history approximately 50 years in Japan !

Various products of Morinaga Ramune

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As of 2020, there are many kinds of Morinaga Ramune in Japanese market. Other than standard one in green bottle, we can see large size Morinaga Ramune in plastic bags. And also we see products corroborated other companies. Mac Shake Ramune was in Macdonald in this summer.

Various products of ‘Morinaga Ramune’

  • Standard type in plastic bottle
  • Large size products in plastic bag
  • Morinaga Ramune Ice Cream
  • Morinaga Ramune Mac Shake

‘Morinaga Ramune ice cream’ is really nice !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Morinaga Ramune’ in Japan

  • Popular food, ‘Ramune’, kind of soft candy
  • Started sales in 1973
  • Light green plastic bottle is design well known


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Morinaga Ramune is supported by Japanese consumers long time. Actually, I ate it in my childhood and I often have it while I became adult already. I really like refreshed flavor of Morinaga Ramune.


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