Orion Ramune | Very popular Ramune candy, especially for children in Japan, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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  • History of ‘Orion Ramune’
  • Various products of ‘Orion Ramune’
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What is ‘Orion Ramune’

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‘Orion Ramune’ is very popular food in Japan. ‘Orion’ is name of manufacturer, and ‘Ramune’ is name of food, kind of fizzing candy.

‘Orion Ramune’ is in very small plastic bottle. And pieces of ‘Orion Ramune’ is really small. The price is generally ¥30 per bottle.

What is ‘Orion Ramune’

  • Kind of fizzing candy, ‘Ramune’
  • Manufactured by ‘Orion’
  • In very small plastic bottle
  • ¥30 per bottle

We can get ‘Orion Ramune’ only with 30 YEN !

History of ‘Orion Ramune’

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The manufacturer, ‘Orion’ started to make ‘Ramune’ candy in 1948 in Osaka. And ‘Orion’ started sales of ‘Mini Cola’ as cola flavored ‘Ramune’ in 1978.

In 1979, ‘Orion’ released new flavors, ‘Mini Sour’ and ‘Mini Orange’. These products got support of consumers and made basic to be a long seller.

In 2019, ‘Mini Cola Ice’ was released in western Japan. ‘Orion’ is still trying to develop this product.

History of ‘Orion Ramune’

  • ‘ORION’ started making ‘Ramune’ candy in 1948
  • ’Mini Cola’ was released in 1978
  • ‘Mini Orange’ & ‘Mini Sour’ was released in 1979
  • ‘Mini Cola Ice’ was released in 2019

‘Orion Ramune’ has long history more than 40 years in Japan !

Various products of ‘Orion Ramune’

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Other than above three flavors, ‘Orion’ make various products of ‘Orion Ramune’ in Japanese market, released as ‘Mini Series’.

There are ‘Mini peach’, ‘Mini Grape’, ‘Mini Vita-C’, ‘Mini Fresh’, etc. All of products are in small plastic bottle. These are available at supermarkets, convenience stores, toysrus, etc.

Variety of ‘Orion Ramune’

  • ‘Mini Cola’
  • ‘Mini Orange’
  • ‘Mini Sour’
  • ’Mini Grape’
  • ‘Mini Vita-C’
  • ‘Mini Fresh’
  • ‘Mini Blueberry’
  • ‘Mini Apple’
  • ‘Mini Grapefruit’ , etc etc

You can find your favorite ‘Orion Ramune’ from the line-up !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article.

‘Orion Ramune’ in Japan

  • ’Ramune’ as kind of Candy in small plastic bottle
  • ¥30 per bottle
  • Since 1979
  • Various flavors, most popular one is ‘Mini Cola’


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