Ottotto | Popular salty snack in Japan, with fish figure, Guided by Japanese webmaster !

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In this page, I would like to briefly explain about ‘Ottotto’ as long seller snack in Japan.

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What is ‘Ottotto’

‘Ottotto’ is very popular snack in Japan. ‘Ottotto’ is mainly made from potato and flour. It’s very light snack, 1-2 cm per piece. The main flavor of ‘Ottotto’ is with salt. Red whale, ‘Totomaru’ is printed on the package as character of the product. ‘Ottotto’ is available at supermarkets, convenience stores, kiosks etc.

Basic knowledge of ‘Ottotto’

  • Very popular snack in Japan
  • Made from potato and flour
  • Light and small snacks with salt flavor
  • Available at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc

‘Ottotto’ is very popular snack in Japan, it taste nice !

History of ‘Ottotto’

The producer, Morinaga started sales of ‘Ottotto’ in 1982 in Japan. It’s said that the name of ‘Ottotto’ is coming from Japanese word, ‘Ottotto’ as ‘Oops’ in English, in the meeting for naming of new product. In 1980’s, with promotion with TVCM, ‘Ottotto’ was getting popular. In 1996, the whale as character was named as ‘Totomaru’.

History of ‘Ottotto’

  • Started sales in 1982
  • Name is coming from Japanese word, ‘Ottotto’, ‘Oops’ in English
  • Getting popular by TVCM in 1980’s
  • 1996 Character was named as ‘Totomaru’

I saw so many TVCF of ‘Ottotto’ in 1980’s – 90’s !

Unique Shapes of ‘Ottotto’

The unique point of Ottotto is its shape. The shape of Ottotto is like a fish and marine products, for example, squid, sea urchin, tuna, crab, puffer fish, shrimp, starfish, etc. And there are rare patterns, like anchor, submarine, penguin, clione, etc. We can enjoy watching and eating with Ottotto.

More information about Ottotto

  • Unique figures of Ottotto
    • Fish and marine products
      • Squid, shrimp, crab, starfish
      • Tuna, puffer fish, etc
    • Rare patterns
      • Anchor, submarine
      • Penguin, Clione, etc

Please try to find rate shape of ‘Ottotto’, when you come to Japan.


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Ottotto’ in Japan

  • Very popular snack seasoning with salt
  • Started sales in 1982
  • The shape is fish and marine products


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