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  • Variety in products of ‘Pucchin Pudding’ in Japan
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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Pucchin Pudding’ as very famous products in Japan, as long seller.

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What is ‘Pucchin Pudding’

‘Pucchin Pudding’ is very popular pudding in Japan. The unique point of ‘Pucchin Pudding’ is its plastic cup. There’s a protrusion on bottom of cup outside. Putting cup on dish and breaking the protrusion, pudding is moving to the dish. ‘Pucchin’ is a sound in breaking the protrusion. ‘Pucchin Pudding’ is available at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.

Basic knowledge of ‘Pucchin Pudding’

  • Very popular pudding in Japan
  • Pucchin Pudding is in the plastic cup with protrusion in outside bottom
  • With breaking protrusion, pudding is moving to dish
  • ‘Pucchin’ is a sound in breaking the protrusion
  • Available at supermarkets, convenience stores, etc

It is very easy to put ‘Pucchin Pudding’ on the dish !

History of ‘Pucchin Pudding’

In 1972, Producer, glico started sales of ‘Pucchin Pudding’. In 1974, glico started to broadcast TV commercial, which makes ‘Pucchin Pudding’ getting popular in Japanese market. glico continued various efforts to keep high evaluation from consumers. Then, in 2013, ‘Pucchin Pudding’ made Guinness world records as pudding with largest sales in the world.

History of ‘Pucchin Pudding’

  • 1972 Started sales of Pucchin Pudding
  • 1974 Made first renewal of ingredients
  • 1975 Started broadcasting of TV commercial
  • 2013 Registered in Guinness world records as pudding with largest sales in the world

‘Pucchin Pudding’ has long history in Japan, approximately 50 years !

Variety in products of ‘Pucchin Pudding’

quotation source : https://twitter.com/pucchinpr/status/1271004997841453056?s=21

There are many kinds of ‘Pucchin Pudding’ in the market currently, ‘Big Pucchin Pudding‘, ‘Pucchin Pudding 3 pieces package’, ‘Plant-based Pucchin Pudding’ ‘Plant-based Pucchin Pudding 3 pieces package’ ‘Chokotto Pucchin Pudding’ as very small pudding, etc. We can enjoy eating ‘Pucchin Pudding’ as per the demand, both individually and with family.

Various kinds of ‘Pucchin Pudding’

  • Pucchin Pudding 1P / 3P pack
  • Plant-based Pucchin Pudding 1P / 3P pack
  • BIG Pucchin Pudding
  • Chocotto Pucchin Pudding (Small Pucchin Pudding 6P)
  • Other seasonal, limited sales period products

There are various ‘Pucchin Pudding’ in Japan !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Pucchin Pudding’ in Japan

  • Pudding in plastic cup, transfer to dish easily
  • Products of glico, started sales in 1972
  • Variety of lineup, Big pucchin pudding, small, multipack, etc


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