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In this page, I would like to introduce ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ as very famous biscuits and long seller in Japan.

You may get knowledge of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’, as well as Japanese have, after reading of this article. Have fun !


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What is ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’

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‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ is very popular food in Japan. It’s kind of biscuits. ‘Dobutsu’ means animal. ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ Is with shapes of animals. In the surface of biscuits, the name of animal in English is branded. We can study animal name with ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’. This product is available mainly in supermarkets.

Basic knowledge of ’Tabekko Dobutsu’

  • Very popular biscuits in Japan
  • Tabekko Dobutsu is with shape of animals
  • Name of animals are branded on biscuits in English
  • Available mainly at supermarkets

We can enjoy eating and studying with ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’

History of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’

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The producer, GINBIS started sales of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ in 1978. In next year, ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ got award of gold prize in Monde selection. ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ was awarded many times in 1987, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2014. With good evaluation from the market, ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ became a long seller in Japanese market.

History of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’

  • 1947 GINBIS established factory of biscuits
  • 1978 started sales of Tabekko Dobutsu
  • 1978 Got award gold prize in Monde selection
  • Awarded 5 times and got good evaluation from market

‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ has long history more than 40 years in Japan !

Line-up of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’

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There are four types of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ currently in Japanese market, chocolate, white chocolate, butter, maple butter. Commonly in all of ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’, there are 46 kinds of animals, Bat, Bear, Camel, Cat, Cock, Cow, Deer, Dock, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, etc etc. It’s very nice for Japanese children to be familiar with English words.

More information about ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’

  • Flavors of Tabekko Dobutsu
    • Chocolate
    • White chocolate
    • Butter
    • Maple Butter
  • 46 kind of animals are designed

‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ taste nice, especially for children !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

What is ‘Tabekko Dobutsu’ in Japan

  • Vary famous biscuits with animal shape
  • Started sales in 1978
  • Name of animals branded on biscuits in English


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Tabekko Dobutsu is very popular biscuits in Japan. Especially, very famous among children. I remember that I ate Tabekko Dobutsu when I was a child. And I often provide Tabekko Dobutsu to my sons. It’s long seller in Japan.


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