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What is ‘Yotchan Ika’ ?

‘Yotchan Ika’ is very popular food in Japan. Yotchan Ika is made from squids and surimi, and seasoning with vinegar.

‘Yotchan’ is brand name and ‘Ika’ means squids. The official name of this product is ‘Cut Yotchan’. However, it’s generally called as ‘Yotchan Ika’ among Japanese consumers.

Manufacturer of Yotchan Ika is Yotchan Foods in Japan. And Yotchan Ika is main products of Yotchan Foods.

Introduction of Yotchan Ika
  • Very popular food in Japan
  • Official name is ‘Cut Yotchan’ but generally called as ‘Yotchan Ika’
  • Made from squids and surimi, seasoning with vinegar
  • Manufacturer is Yotchan Foods in Japan

Deep Diving into Yotchan Ika in Japan

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Yotchan Ika has more than 40 years of history in Japan

In 1977, Yotchan foods started sales of ‘Yotchan Ika’. In 2018, due to poor catch of squids, the price of ‘Yotchan Ika’ was increased from ¥30 to ¥50.

  • 1977 started sales of Yotchan Ika
  • 2018, made renewal due to poor catch of squids
    • Volume change 10g to 15g
    • Price change from ¥30 to ¥50

Reference : Asahi.com

Yotchan Ika is available in various places in Japan

  • Supermarkets
  • Convenience stores
  • Drugstores
  • DAGASHI shops (Penny candy shop)

Author’s research in Yokohama city

There are 4 types of Yotchan Ika in Japanese market

  • Normal Yotchan Ika
  • White color Yotchan Ika
  • Spicy Yotchan Ika
  • Sweet-Spicy Yotchan Ika
Quotation Sauce:Rakuten webpage

Reference : Yotchan webpage

Calorie of Yotchan Ika is 30kcal (per package, 15g)

  • Calorie 30kcal
  • Protein 3.6g
  • Carb 3.2g
  • Salt equivalent 0.6g
  • Lipids 0.3g

Reference : Package of Yotchan Ika

The name of Character is ‘Yotchan’.

It’s not officially announced. However, in store of LINE as smart phone application, Yotchan Food sells SNS communication sticker of this Character with name ‘Yotchan’.

Sauce : Yotchan food Line store


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