[Basic Knowledge] Takoyaki / Popular food spread from Osaka to all Japan


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What is Takoyaki

‘Takoyaki’ is one of very popular food in Japan. It’s made from flour, octopus cut to small pieces, chopped green onions, water and eggs etc. it’s simple process to cook it, mixing all ingredients into bowl, then pouring into the iron plate with dimples.

Basic knowledge of ‘Takoyaki ’

  • Popular food in Japan
  • Ingredients: Flour, octopus, green onions, egg
  • Shape is like a ball,
  • Diameter, 3-5 cm


It’s said that ‘Takoyaki’ originated in snack shops in Osaka, in 1935. In 1950’s more than 5,000 of ‘Takoyaki’ stalls in Osaka and suburbs area. In 1960’s, ‘Takoyaki’ was getting popular in Kanto area, as Tokyo and suburbs. In 1990’s, many ‘Takoyaki’ chain was established and expanded to all over Japan.

History of ‘Takoyaki’

  • 1935 Takoyaki snack stand opened in Osaka
  • 1950’s Spread to Osaka and suburbs
  • 1960’s Spread to Tokyo and suburbs
  • 1990’s Many Takoyaki chain stands established
  • Currently, getting popular all over Japan

Enjoy Takoyaki

We can cook ‘Takoyaki’ in house. We can buy iron plate with heater at electrical appliance stores with very reasonable price. With this plate, people enjoy party with ‘Takoyaki’, called ‘Tako-pa’ with friends and family.

Enjoy Takoyaki in Japan

  • Cooking at home for snack, lunch, dinner
  • Party with Takoyaki, as ‘Takopa’
  • Get it at stand, chain stores, and eating outside
  • Get frozen Takoyaki at Supermarkets


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows


I love ‘Takoyaki’ !

What is ‘Takoyaki’ in Japan

  • Popular food, made from Flour, octopus, green onions, egg
  • It’s said that first ‘Takoyaki’ was made in 1935
  • Ball shape, cooking at home, for snack, dinner, lunch


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I like Takoyaki. I have iron plate for Takoyaki and I often enjoy Takoyaki with my family. Sometimes, I put various ingredients instead of octopus, such as cheese, ham, sausage, etc. My sons really like it.

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