[TOP 5] Enjoy your trip to Tokyo ! Recommendable 5 options for your best season to visit Tokyo

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I saw Japanese movie yesterday !
I want to go to Tokyo.


That’s nice. When will you go to Tokyo ?


Not planned yet, however, I want to go to best season of Tokyo.


O.K, I would like to introduce some option for you to find your best season to visit Tokyo !

With reading of this page, you will get above listed knowledges as well as Japanese have. I will be very glad if you could read this article to the end.

Thank you !


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No.1 : End of March to beginning of April, as Sakura season

The best season in Tokyo is apparently ‘Sakura’ season, as cherry blossoms, which is end of March to beginning of April. We, Japanese, are really looking forward to coming this season. I suppose if you make question about best season to Japanese, most of reply will be this period.

It’s only one week, from opening of cherry flowers to full blossoms. And after full opening, blossoms easily ended, when it will rain. So it’s difficult to see cherry blossoms. So to increase possibility to see cherry blossoms, I would like to put statistics of the government, as follows.

  • Sakura Opening
    • Average : 26th. March
    • Earliest : 16th. March(2013)
    • Latest : 11th. April (1984)
  • Full blossom
    • Average : 3rd. April
    • Earliest : 21st. March (2002)
    • Latest : 17th. April (1984)

We can see SAKURA in very limited period.
It’s so beautiful !

No.2 : End of July to Mid of August, as Hanabi season

I would like to recommend the period from end of July to middle of August, as first option. In end of July, the rainy season, called ‘Tsuyu’ is ended in most of cases, in Japan. Although it’s humid and hot, shiny days is expected in this season.

After ended rainy season, there are many of event of fireworks, called ‘Hanabi Taikai’ in night of summer. From smaller to larger, there are more than 20 of ‘Hanabi Taikai’ are held in this season.

Famous ‘Hanabi Taikai’ in Tokyo

  • Sumidagawa Hanabi
  • Jingu Gaien Hanabi
  • Adachi Hanabi
  • Katsushika Hanabi
  • Edigawa Hanabi

Japanese are really looking forward to seeing HANABI every year !

No.3 : May, with beautiful green and festivals in the city

In May, the weather condition in Japan is rather comfortable, not cold, not hot nor humid. Day time is enough long. Shiny day can be expected. There are beautiful green of trees on the street and large parks in Tokyo. It’s good season to walk around Tokyo.

And there are very traditional events in Tokyo. ‘Sanja Matsuri’ festival is held in Asakusa area in every year. And ‘Kanda Matsuri’ festival is held in every other years. It’s nice to see traditional event in this month.


May is generally good to go sightseeing !

No.4 : End of November to beginning of December, as season of autumn leaves

In this season, it’s expected to see beautiful autumn leaves in Tokyo. There are lines of ginkgo trees, whose leaves will be changed to yellow. And the leaves of maple trees in the parks are changed to red. The temperature is not so cold, in this period. It’s nice to see beauty of nature.

  • Famous place of autumn leaves in Tokyo
    • Ueno park
    • Rikugi-en park
    • Tokyo University
    • Imperial palace
    • Jingu-Gaien

Red and Yellow leaves are so beautiful, however, feeling sign of winter …

No.5 : End of December to beginning of January, Christmas and New year days

In this season, there are many of illuminations in Tokyo. Daytime is shortest in the year, and it’s very cold generally. However, lot of lights on the street make us warm and romantic atmosphere. It’s nice to walk around Tokyo in the evening and night time.

And in new year days, there are many of people wearing ‘Kimono’ as Japanese traditional dress on the street. The atmosphere of city is very happy. Although it’s very cold and windy weather, this period is one of good season to visit Tokyo.


Illumination in Tokyo make us so happy !


If you have any opportunity, please try to come to Tokyo in listed seasons. It might be special trip and good memories in Tokyo.

In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article as follows

TOP 5 Season in Tokyo

  • Sakura Season (end of Mar – beginning of Apr)
  • Hanabi Season (mid of Jul – Mid of Aug)
  • Green and festival season (May)
  • Autumn leaves season (end of Nov – beginning of Dec)
  • Christmas and New Year days

Thank you very much for your reading and see you again !


Waiting for your visiting Tokyo !