【What is Fukuoka ? 】Trivia Questions & Commentary by Japanese webmaster !

Photo by Fukuoka city / 写真提供:福岡市

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Topics of Trivia Quiz ‘Fukuoka’
  • What is Dontaku ?
  • What is Hakata Ramen ?
  • Who is Dazaifu Temmangu ?
  • What is famous strawberry ?
  • What is Mentaiko ? etc…

This page contains a Trivia Quiz about Fukuoka as the largest city in Kyushu area of Japan.

The photos in the questions are carefully chosen to reflect Japanese culture, allowing you to experience the essence of Japanese culture.

By taking this Quiz Game, you can assess your knowledge of Japanese culture and receive commentary on each question from a Japanese perspective.

Have fun !

The origin of the word "DonTaku" in the famous Fukuoka festival, Hakata Dontaku, comes from a foreign language. Do you know which language it is?

Photo by Fukuoka city / 写真提供:福岡市

What is the tonkotsu ramen soup, beloved by the people of Hakata, made from?

What deity is enshrined at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine in Fukuoka Prefecture?

Which professional baseball team is based at Fukuoka PayPay Dome?

What is the brand of strawberries cultivated in Fukuoka?

Which of the following is mentaiko, a specialty product from Fukuoka made with fish roe?


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