【What is Kobe ? 】Trivia Questions & Commentary by Japanese webmaster !


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Topics of Trivia Quiz ‘Kobe’
  • What is Kobe Beef ?
  • What is Arima Onsen ?
  • Who is Hiroshi Mikitani ?
  • What is Ikuta Shrine ?
  • What is product of Mt. Rokko ? etc…

This page contains a Trivia Quiz about Kobe as one of famous port city in Japan.

The photos in the questions are carefully chosen to reflect Japanese culture, allowing you to experience the essence of Japanese culture.

By taking this Quiz Game, you can assess your knowledge of Japanese culture and receive commentary on each question from a Japanese perspective.

Have fun !

How many cattle were certified as Kobe beef ? (Results in 2020)

How many years of history does Arima Onsen, one of Japan's oldest hot springs, have?

Which major Japanese corporation was founded by Kobe-born entrepreneur Hiroshi Mikitani?

What kind of blessings are said to be received when praying at Ikuta Shrine in Kobe?

A product originating from Mount Rokko, cherished by the citizens of Kobe, was launched in 1983 and became a hit. What is this product?

What time did a major earthquake strike the city of Kobe?

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