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I know Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan


That’s nice ! Then, what is the second highest ?


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No problem, I would like to introduce 5 higher mountains in Japan !

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Basic knowledge about Japanese mountains

Japan is an island country, surrounded by the sea. On the other hand, 70% of land is mountain district. Especially, in Honshu island, there are 21 mountains whose height is more than 3,000 meters.

Under the circumstances, we can see mountains wherever in Japan, even in seaside. Japanese live with mountains always.

FUJISAN / 3,776m

Fujisan is the highest mountain in Japan, located in prefectural border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi. The height is 3,776 meters, by far from 2nd one. As Fujisan is independent peak volcano, we can see this mountain very widely area, from Tokyo, Yokohama, etc.

In July, August and beginning of September, 4 trails to the summit are open. It’s not easy to climb, however, more than 200,000 people are trying to be in highest place, in every year. Including surrounding area, more than 30 millions people are coming. Fujisan is loved by Japanese.


Mt. Fuji is the symbol of Japan !

Kita dake / 3,193m

Kita-dake is second highest mountain in Japan, located in Minami Alps city in Yamanashi. ‘Kita’ means ‘North’ and ‘Dake’ does ‘Mountain’. It’s different from Fujisan that this mountain is not a volcano. So Kita-dake is the highest non-volcano mountain in Japan.

Kita-dake is famous for climbers as the rich place of alpine flora and plants. Current Japanese Emperor, Naruhito-sama like mountaineering. And he has a experience to be in the summit of Kita-dake in 1987.


Kita dake is the highest non-volcano mountain in Japan !

Oku Hotaka dake / 3,190m

Oku Hotaka dake is the third highest mountain in Japan, located in prefectural border of Gifu and Nagano. In this area, there are many rocky places where is very dangerous for visitors, even for high level mountaineers. So it’s not recommended for beginners to be there.


There was a glacier in this area in 20,000 years ago !

Aino dake / 3,189.5m

Aino dake is also the third highest mountain in Japan, located in prefectural border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi. It’s close to Kita-dake and connected with the trail. As there’s a trace of land slide, it’s said that Aino dake was more higher, at least second highest in the past.


There’s beautiful nature in Aino dake mountain !

Yari ga take / 3,180m

Yariga-take is the 5th highest mountain in Japan, located in prefectural border of Gifu and Nagano. It’s said that Japanese mountaineer will finally have longing to be in summit of Yariga-take. This mountain is special for Japanese mountaineers.


It’s very touch to climb Yariga-take !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article.

Top 5 Higher mountains in Japan

  • FUJISAN / 3,776m
  • Kita dake / 3,193m
  • Oku Hotaka dake / 3,190m
  • Aino dake / 3,189.5m
  • Yari ga take / 3,180m


All of mountains are lower than 4,000m !


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Mt. Fuji is very special for Japanese. Almost all Japanese know highest mountain in Japan. However, 2nd, 3rd, 4th… are not major for Japanese. So if you can answer name of mountain, I think you can be a specialist of Japan.

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