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I know Tokyo is capital in Japan


Yes, do you know any cities other than Tokyo ?


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No problem, I would like to introduce 5 cities who have large number of population in Japan.

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Basic information about cities in Japan

Population of Japan is going to pass the peak. In 2008, there were approximately 128 millions of people in Japan. After that, it was changed to decrease, due to low birth rates and aging in Japanese society.

Although it was changed to downtrend, as of 2020, there’s still 126 millions of people are in Japan, and there are 12 cities where is more than million of population. In this page, I would like to introduce 5 cities with largest population in Japan. (The figures are estimation as of 2019)

Tokyo / 9,653,112

Tokyo is a capital of Japan. Governmental offices, national diet, Imperial Palace are in this city. More than 9.6 millions of people live in Tokyo city area where consist of 23 districts.

In 17th century, Shogun as political leader started to live in Tokyo. After that, this city was drastically developed. In 18th century, population became more than million, in 1930’s, 5 millions, in 2010’s, more than 9 millions.


Tokyo is still growing up !

Yokohama / 3,748,386

Yokohama is the city with 2nd largest population in Japan. More than 3.7 millions of people live in this city. Yokohama is in Kanagawa prefecture where is next to Tokyo.

Yokohama is very famous as major port town in Japan. In 1859, Yokohama port was opened. After that, city is getting large. As Yokohama is close to Tokyo, a lot of people commute to work in Tokyo.


My hometown is Yokohama, it’s really nice to live !

Osaka / 2,743,735

Osaka is the largest city in western Japan. The population is more than 2.7 millions, which is 3rd largest in Japan. Osaka has very rich cultural backgrounds, ‘Jyoruri’ as traditional puppet show, theatre, nice food, etc.

Osaka has long history. In very old era in 7th century, Osaka was the capital of Japan. After moving of capital to Kyoto, Osaka kept central of economy in Japan. In 1970’s, population of Osaka was peak, 3.1 millions, after that, it’s slightly decreased.


I was born in Osaka. I love foods there !

Nagoya / 2,328,653

Nagoya is the largest city in Chubu area, with 4th largest population in Japan. Nagoya is located in central of Japan, between Tokyo and Osaka. More than 2.3 millions of people live in this city.

Nagoya is very old city. Atsuta shrine was opened at least in 7th century. This city continue to develop long time, and in 20th century, population increased drastically. In 1930’s, it was more than 1 million, after 1970’s, it keeps above 2 millions.


Nagoya has own culture, which is quite different from other area !

Sapporo / 1,959,463

Sapporo is the biggest city in northern part of Japan, with 5th largest population in Japan. Although there’s severe weather in winter, approximately 2 millions of people live in this city.

Development of Sapporo was started in 1870’s. The government promoted emigration to this area. In 1920’s, population became 0.1 million. after that, development was escalated. In 1960’s it became 0.5 million, in 1970’s finally above 1 million, and still growing in 21st century.


Ramen is Sapporo is really nice !


In the end, I would like to summarize the points of this article.

5 larger cities in Japan

  1. Tokyo / 9,653,112
  2. Yokohama / 3,748,386
  3. Osaka / 2,743,735
  4. Nagoya / 2,328,653
  5. Sapporo / 1,959,463


Now you got knowledge about Japanese cities !


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Japan is with small islands. However, there are many cities with population more than million. So many people live in metropolitan area. If you have a chance to visit, please have a experience to walk around these cities.

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