【Green Tea】Think You Know it? Test Your Knowledge with This Quiz!

Calling All Japanese Green Tea Lovers! Test Your Knowledge Now!

Do you love Japanese green tea? If you’re enchanted by its aroma and health benefits, you can’t miss this quiz! Answer these 7 questions to see how deep your love for green tea really goes.

Dive into the world of green tea and embark on a journey of knowledge!

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Japanese Green Tea

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When is the harvesting season for green tea?

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Which of the following is a famous tea-producing region that accounts for approximately 40% of Japan's domestic tea production?

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What is the name of this tool used for brewing tea?


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What is the name of this tool used for drinking tea?

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What is the common way of drinking green tea in Japan?

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What is the green tea brand that released the world’s first bottled green tea beverage in 1990?

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Which of the following combinations of green tea brands and manufacturers is incorrect?

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