【Home Cooking】Kitchen Treasures: Test Your Knowledge with Quiz!”

If you know this, you’re a true Japan expert! Test your knowledge with our home-cooking quiz!

Japanese home cooking is incredibly diverse, featuring a wide range of flavors and regional specialties. From hearty stews to savory grilled dishes, there’s so much to explore. How much do you know about these beloved cuisines ?

Challenge yourself and your friends to see who knows the most about Japanese home cuisine!

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Japanese Home Cooking

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This is a home-cooked dish using pork. What spices do you think are used?

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The ingredients used in this dish are carrots, sesame, and what else?

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What is the name of this dish?

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This is a dish called "Sunomono." What flavor do you think it has?

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What kind of fish is used in this dish?

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This white, square-shaped ingredient is a processed form of tofu, a traditional Japanese food. What kind of processing do you think it undergoes?

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"Tamagoyaki" is a home-cooked dish enjoyed throughout Japan. What kind of seasoning do you think it has?

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"Chikuzen-ni" was originally a regional specialty of a specific area. Which region do you think it originated from?

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